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Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were in an on-screen matchup.. On Screen Matchups. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were in 2 on-screen matchups, notably Revolutionary Road (2008) and Titanic (1997).. About. Kate Winslet is a 44 year old British Actress. Born Kate Elizabeth Winslet on 5th October, 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England, she is famous for Marianne Dashwood in Sense and ... Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starred in the 1997 hit movie Titanic, and their chemistry was quickly noticed by moviegoers.DiCaprio plays the poor artist Jack aboard the fancy ship, while ... Still, did Kate Winslet an Leonardo Dicaprio ever date? I mean... define date. I mean... define date. Because if it's acting in a sex scene in a steamy old-timey car then yes, they definitely dated. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet never dated, despite a cover story published one year ago. Exactly 12 months ago, a tabloid maintained the two were “lovers at last.” As Gossip Cop noted ... Are Leonard DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Dating? The Two Were Photographed On Vacation Together (with Shirtless Leo's Dad Bod On Full Display) Despite Rumors Leonardo DiCaprio Has A New Model ... Kate Winslet clears up those Leonardo DiCaprio dating rumours with a firm declaration A month after she was spotted chilling by the pool with her Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, in Saint ... Australian Crypto and Blockchain News

“You Are What You Is, You Is What You Am - A Long Time Coming.” (Even Longer Post, re: sex and gender identity)

2020.05.14 18:43 silashoulder “You Are What You Is, You Is What You Am - A Long Time Coming.” (Even Longer Post, re: sex and gender identity)

This may not be brief or clear, but I need to get everything out of my head. And if you’re offended by mildly graphic language, skip to the TL;DR at the bottom because TMI may as well be my initials.
I wish I had been given a road map at birth. I’ve struggled my whole life with my sense of identity. It’s not made any easier by the fact that I have MI which causes issues with memory, so it’s like piecing together a puzzle, upside down, without the picture on the box.
I’ve always felt socially alienated - not really fitting in with “the guys” or “the gals,” not relating to them on the friendship level as it pertains to sexuality and gender identity, and certainly not connecting on an intimate level.
My first IRL crush was a girl in elementary school, S, and my first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio. I remember the whole bus laughing when I got a Leo photo book. (Remember book orders?) I also remember my father (whole n’other story) yelling at me for missing the toilet one day and saying, with a sexist disdain in his tone, he’d make me sit “like a girl. Those messages stuck with me - hide my true self or be ridiculed and shamed.
A couple of my friends in high school were openly bisexual and I guess I adopted that label out of solidarity, though I was never openly attracted to anyone except S who was once again a peer, but I was aloof. (We moved a lot!) When my mother discovered this, she said, “Sodomy is disgusting,” and drove me to church on a weekday. Another girl, R, and I started “dating,” which only consisted of hand-holding and one kiss, which only happened because my friends staged an intervention and said I needed to kiss her. I broke up with her gracelessly. Sorry, R, but that’s where our story ends. Also, sorry for staring, S.
I first had consensual sex at 19 with my second girlfriend, M, an on/off LDR; we’d met in high school. It was during the time I was, thanks to family problems I had nothing do with, living out of my car and cheap motels while trying to afford school. I “failed” to perform because of nerves and she dumped me the next day via text. That felt awesome. /s
In college, I took a human sexuality class because I felt like I was lacking in what most people develop socially. We had guest speakers one day and the first trans woman I’d ever met spoke about having been molested as a child. I suddenly started crying because she had uncovered my own memories of being abused by an older friend, W. When I eventually told my mother, she quoted statistics to me when what I needed was a hug.
Next, and this is my first time admitting it, I procured an escort but didn’t even finish. The goodbye was one of the most awkward moments of my life.
Later that year, my friend decided I was gay and set me up with a guy friend of hers, T.. We had a bit of fun for a couple weeks, even though my roommate hated the fact that I had a guy over. One night, while my friends slept on the floor next to us after a night of drinking, T forced his dick into my mouth. I didn’t confront him then but I broke up with him shortly thereafter, under the guise of being overwhelmed when a mutual friend of ours fell into a coma after a car accident. (She’s okay now.) Later, when I told my mother, her first question was, “How drunk were you?” I’m getting that engraved on her Mother-of-the-Year award. /s
Just before my first semester in a 4-year college, when “It Gets Better” gained momentum, I decided I was asexual and plugged myself into the Ace community. I received a message on AVEN from a girl, Alexandra (my favorite name), who lived not too far from me. Turned out her name wasn’t Alexandra but M2 and we talked nonstop for weeks. I finally got up the courage to ask her out. It was an awkward Denny’s date that ended in a short walk and a brief kiss. Slowly but also suddenly, sex began to consume our relationship, but she was real weird about it. If you’ve ever dated a pastor’s kid, you probably know what I mean, but there was something else. Her ex, J, who was already 30 when we were 21, started infiltrating our relationship. It turned out he didn’t know about me or that M2 and I had been together a year. A rocky year, but, still. One night while staying in her dorm, I dreamt that J had sent M2 a letter proclaiming his love for her and renouncing his own asexuality (keep in mind, M2 and I were ‘“asexuals” who fucked like bunnies). I told her about it, trying to laugh it off, but she looked back at me sternly and said words I’ll never forget: “Have you been reading my mail?”
Other strange things happened, like I was randomly paired with him on a game of Words With Friends, and the divide between us grew. I spent her last semester helping her find a great job that, AFAIK, she still has. I was finishing my last semester and she spoke very critically of one of my projects. Apparently, I’m stupid enough to stay with someone who was clearly cheating on me, up until the point that they doubt my career choice. (Insert facepalm.gif) I graduated with a higher GPA than she did, with honors. That did feel awesome.
I spent the next few years in total isolation. My health declined and I couldn’t work but the state wouldn’t approve me for disability. At one point, my mother whom I live with, was watching Law and Order or something and a character went into graphic detail about being anally raped. I don’t know what put in her head that it was a good idea to ask me, “Was that what it was like when you were raped?” I got up without a word, went into my room and shut the door. For a full year, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, much less drive. Until... one my favorite defunct bands announced a reunion tour. I scrounged up the money and the courage to drive 45 minutes to the show. I ended up leaving 4 songs into their set due to an anxiety spike. Fortunately, they added a show the next year and I made up for it by staying the whole time, right at the front of the stage.
That’s when everything changed. I joined the fan page for the band on Facebook and found myself in a swirling cesspool of degenerates who thrive on mutual support and altruism. It was the strangest thing ever, but it made me reevaluate (for the thousandth time) who I wanted to be.
Still fancying myself an asexual, I started a group on FB and, through that, met this beautiful girl, M3. Similar story - talk a bunch, plan to meet, blah blah blah. But I was still in the throes of a long depression (during which I did some of my strangest work) and cancelled our plan to meet. After another year or so, I reached out to her and it was like falling in love on fast-forward. We talked marriage, house, kids, everything. At her request, I put all of that in writing for when we could be together and made a plan to visit for a few days. Well, M3 is from the great white north, and the border patrol apparently doesn’t take kindly to foreigners promising to marry a citizen. Also, they read your shit and razz you about it for 20 minutes before putting a cap on your stay. So, that felt awesome. /s
Anyway, we met up and it was the most uncomfortable I had been in a while. After a day, she basically said she wasn’t feeling it, so I drove home and cried the whole way. The TimBits did help a bit.
When I got home, I drank. I really drank. And ended up the most suicidal I had been up until that point. I spent 2 days in a PHP, which is the same as inpatient programs except you go home at 2pm.
During that stay, in a session of free-writing, I put down on a piece of paper that I still have: “I’m starting to think that my asexuality is just a cover for the emotional issues I’ve suffered.”
Through continued therapy, I faced the demons I’d been ignoring. Namely, sitting down while peeing and wanting to make out with both of the main characters in Titanic. (Kate Winslet was the first nude woman I ever saw.) I came to the conclusion, after MANY long nights of reading, documentaries, soul searching, and reaching out to those in the community, that I am pansexual and genderfluid. Two labels which come with their own social difficulties, but I’m not in elementary school anymore - even if too many “adults” still seem to be.
So, since my social life is generally contained to the internet, I joined a pansexual FB group, and through that, met the person who would become my ex-wife, B. Long story short (Too late?), they misrepresented themself and posed a legitimate threat to the safety of me and my family. We’d only been married two weeks before she stayed 6 weeks in in-patient psychiatric care. The divorce took 9 months. Fortunately, I was able to handle it all on my own, without fees. It was finalized in March of this year, just before lockdown started and I was furloughed by the first job I’d worked in 10 years. (Btw, they just cut off our health insurance.)
Since I’ve had nothing but time on my hands (and the wonderful flashbacks to the worst period of my life in isolation) I’ve had time to re-evaluate myself (for the millionth time). And I think I may be more trans than previously thought. I’ve dug up the memories (Remember, I have Swiss-cheese brain...) of me, sitting on the floor, naked, digging my fingers into my pelvis to see if I can feel a vagina underneath what barely qualifies as a penis and being hopeful that I would. I remember dressing in my mother’s and sister’s clothes as a child. I remember showing up to work on Halloween as transgender comedian Eddie Izzard.
As of today, S is married, W is a complete loser (Awesome!), M is married, M2 is married to J, M3 is my platonic best friend (still gorgeous), B changed their name back, and I’m stuck stewing in what few memories I can muster and still trying to figure my shit out. Leo isn’t attractive to me now, but I’ve still got my eye on Kate, as well as Michael Pitt. (Hedwig was an important movie to me in high and I realized why while typing this sentence!) The band fan page split into factions and more-or-less disintegrated, but I’ve seen them live 6 times now, in cities all over the eastern half of the states, and got to ** fucking perform with them in Cleveland.**
I’ve invested some money in sex toys and makeup, for experimentation, and much of my time in learning more about myself and the world around me. Navigating the realms between emotional truths and surgical costs/complications is one of the most intense challenges I’ve yet faced. Sometimes it’s nice to just get high (it’s legal) and watch Doctor Who.
Funny story, I’m still the admin for the Ace FB group despite being comfortably pansexual and B, my “pansexual” ex-wife, tried to join, not knowing I founded it. I won’t say that that was of another of B’s misrepresentations because I’ve been in their shoes (and pants), but part of me does suspect.
Anyway, I think that about wraps it all up. If you read all this and think I’m a spiteful, jealous, hapless, petty runt - you’re probably right. I regret many of the choices I’ve made and failed to make. I never aimed to hurt anyone despite a constant bombardment of abuse, neglect, and chastisement from others that, in all reasonability, should have become my new normal. Ultimately, I just want to understand what the hell this life I’ve been assigned to actually is, and how to find pockets of joy amid the misery.
Thanks for letting me waste your time.
TL;DR - I was given a late, unstable start, damaged by a lot of people, and have been contemplating the shifting levels of my own trans-ness and sexuality for too long to see it clearly.
“Modern love can be a strain.” - Peter Gabriel, “Modern Love.”
“If the trees will bloom, the wind can blow without the fruit falling out” - silverchair, “Without You.”
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2020.03.19 18:22 Matslwin Poul Bjerre (1876-1964)

Poul Bjerre (1876-1964) was a pupil of Freud. His Drömmarnas naturliga system (Natural system of dreams) is the most systematic study of dreams to date, I believe. Sadly, it is not translated to English but exists only in the Swedish original and in German translation. He divides the dreams into different categories, such as 'portrayal', 'objectification', 'distancing', 'negation', etc. The dream function tries to establish harmony and overcome stagnation, in order to evade neurosis and maintain life's flow. 'Objectification' is when a content of personality, which one would better throw out, is presented as another creature or person—as non-ego. 'Distancing' is when the content becomes even more remote, e.g. travels away. 'Negation' occurs, for instance, when a stagnant wholeness of personality is negated, as when teeth begin to drop out, destroying the obsolete garniture of personality. To Bjerre, "death and renewal" is the central dialectic of life.
Poul Bjerre was involved with the muse of psychoanalysis, Lou Andreas-Salomé. But Freud pulled her away from him, because Bjerre had the audacity to challenge some of Freud's tenets. Bjerre corresponded with Freud and Jung. He tells of his method of writing to Freud. He first wrote a temperamental letter, then he threw it away and wrote a civilized letter. Freud appropriated Bjerre's "death-renewal cycle", but misinterpreted it (some would argue) in terms of the death drive versus the eros drive. In the image from the psychoanalytic congress, 1911 (here), one can see Bjerre sitting leftmost.
Bjerre was a prolific author, responsible for the introduction of psychoanalysis in Scandinavia—not an easy task. Despite this, he is today more or less forgotten. He also took Hitlerism to task. Bjerre put emphasis on the conscious standpoint, and did not only reckon with unconscious motives. Morality was very central to him. Consciousness has the capacity to stand aloof from the world, creating in personality a state of harmony and permanence. It is not far-fetched that the unconscious, via the dreams, seeks to achieve psychological harmony. The unconscious does not simply strive after an unconscious life according to instinct. Unlike in Freud, there is not a generic conflict between unconscious instinctuality and a cultural super-ego.
Bjerre termed this natural tendency 'assimilation'. An autonomous function of the psyche tries to achieve psychological harmony, because it improves general health and perseverance. This tallies with a Darwinian view, i.e. to preserve the life of the organism. For example, in Drömmarnas naturliga system, Bjerre discusses the monogamous-polygamous conflict. He exemplifies with dreams of patients where the monogamous and matrimonial solution is sought by the dream function. This, of course, gives the lie to the Freudian instinctual and polyamorous wishes. The unconscious standpoint is "civilized", as long as it leads to harmony and avoids inner conflict. After all, there is nothing as disruptive and splitting as polyamorous adventures, when one's feelings become divided. The social consequences are damaging, especially in Bjerre's own time.
Bjerre's writings are at times down-to-earth, but he also wrote very philosophical books, almost theosophical. This might explain why he is neglected by unidealistic psychoanalysts (besides the fact that he disagrees with Freud on essential things). Central to Bjerre is death and stagnation, to be overcome by an effort of renewal. Coercion, in terms of life's obligations and necessities, leads to mechanization and psychological death. It must be countered by the liberation of the life spirit. But his death-renewal cycle was horribly distorted by Winnicott, who projects it on the pathological narcissistic cyclic movement, between omnipotence and depressive destructiveness. Rather, the forces of stagnation depend on a mechanization of life typically brought about by a fixation on tenets of consciousness. On Bjerre's view, individuation can mean destruction, in the sense of breaking out of an old shell. It's just that people are reluctant to abandon old habits of life, including cognitive habits. This, he says, is what underlies neurosis.
The psychology of stagnation is eminently portrayed in the film Revolutionary Road (Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, 2008). The script could have been written by Bjerre himself. It's about a couple whose life seems ideal, but who feel dead on the inside. DiCaprio says that only during the war did he feel truly alive. The couple plans to build a new life in Paris, to bring about a renewal, but they never took this step. Instead, they get a nice house and build a family. So they achieve a comfortable life, which is what you can expect from life. But then stagnation ensues—every day is like every other day. Since death and renewal was not consciously realized, the intelligent film Revolutionary Road ends in tragedy.
Mats Winther
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2020.02.18 01:12 jonisantucho Oscars 2021: An inside look (like, really inside) to 50 possible contenders in the next awards race

Another Oscar ceremony happened, and we got our fair share of joy and disappointment. After Parasite surprised the world and took Best Picture, it seems like the game has changed for the awards race, now that non-English speaking films can actually fight and be recognized as well as classics as… Green Book. The Oscar race is still full of pain and glory, and even though the year has barely started, we have a bunch of movies that are fighting for air. And here’s 50 of them. Yes, I had some free time in my hands and this is a cool hobby, so I took the liberty to introduce most of the movies that will have Film Twitter entertained for the following 12 months. I say most, because there are always contenders who come out of nowhere later in the year, so this is the starter set. Here we go.
-Annette: Since Parasite’s road to the Oscars started at Cannes, it seems fair to talk about a movie that is circling a premiere in the world stage that is set in France. After delivering weird, indie classics like Mauvais Sang and Holy Motors (yes, the kind of movies that make you seem like a snob when you recommend them to people), Leos Carax is making his first movie spoken in the English language… and it has a musical screenplay written by the cult rock duo of Sparks. Recently robbed Adam Driver and previous Oscar winner Marion Cotillard sing in this tale of a stand-up comedian and a famous soprano singer who rise and fall in Los Angeles while their daughter is born with a special gift. It seems like a wild bet, but we already know that Carax is a master with musical moments, so this is one of the most intriguing question marks of the year.
-Ammonite: It’s time to talk narratives. On the one hand, we have Kate Winslet, a known name who hasn’t been very successful in the Oscar race since her Oscar win for The Reader over a decade ago (with the exception being her supporting performance in Steve Jobs, where she had a weird accent). On the other, we have Saoirse Ronan, a star on the rise who keeps collecting Oscar nominations, with 4 nods at the age of 25, including her fresh Best Actress loss for Little Women. What happens if we put them together in a drama set in the coasts of England during the 19th century where both of them fall for each other? That’s gonna be a winning formula if writedirector Francis Lee (who tackled queer romance in his acclaimed debut God’s Own Country) nails the Mary Anning story, and Neon (the distribution company founded three years ago that took Parasite to victory) is betting on it.
-Benedetta: We know the Paul Verhoeven story. After isolating himself from Hollywood for over a decade, he took Isabelle Huppert to an Oscar nominated performance with the controversial, sexy, dark and funny thriller Elle. Now, he’s back with another story that perks up the ears, because now he’s covering the life of Benedetta Carlini, a 17th-century lesbian nun who had religious and erotic visions. If you know Paul, you already can tell that this fits into his brand of horniness, and a possible Cannes premiere could tell us if this has something to carry itself to Oscar night.
-Blonde: With a short but impactful directorial credits list that takes us from Chopper, to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford to Killing Them Softly, Andrew Dominik is back with a film about Marilyn Monroe, a woman who has transcended the ideas of fame and stardom, in ways that are glamorous and nightmarish at the same time. After failing to launch with Naomi Watts or Jessica Chastain,the rising Ana de Armas takes the lead in the retelling of Monroe’s troubled life based on Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, which is said to be covered in the screenplay as somewhat of a horror movie. We don’t know what that means yet, but Netflix is gonna push hard for this one, especially considering how the Academy loves throwing awards to stars playing previous stars, and that also can possibly include co-stars Bobby Cannavale and Adrien Brody.
-Breaking News in Yuba County: While he hasn’t gone back to the heights of his success achieved by the box office and award success of The Help (a movie that did not age well), Tate Taylor is still enjoying himself economically due to recent thrillers like The Girl on the Train and Ma. For his next movie, he’s made a dramedy that once again reunites him with Oscar winner Allison Janney, where she plays a woman who has to keep appearances and a hidden body when she catches her husband cheating on her, and then he dies of a heart attack. With a cast that also includes Mila Kunis, Regina Hall, Awkwafina, Samira Wiley, Wanda Sykes, Jimmi Simpson and Ellen Barkin, this could be a buzzy title later this year.
-C’mon C’mon: You may love or hate whatever Joaquin Phoenix did in Joker, but you can’t deny the benefit of playing the Crown Prince of Crime in an Oscar-winning performance. The blank check that you share with indie directors afterwards. Now that Joaquin’s cultural cachet is on the rise, Mike Mills gets to benefit with this drama that stars Phoenix and Gaby Hoffmann, with him playing an artist left to take care of his precocious young nephew as they forge an unexpected bond over a cross country trip. We only have to wonder if A24 will do better with this movie’s Oscar chances compared to 20th Century Women.
-Cherry: After killing half the universe and bringing them back with the highest grossing movie of all time, where do you go? For Joe and Anthony Russo, the answer is “away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe”. The Russo brothers are trying to distance themselves and prove that they have a voice without Kevin Feige behind them, with a crime drama that’s also different than their days when they directed You, Me and Dupree or episodes of Arrested Development and Community. To help them in the journey, they took Tom Holland (who also needs to distance himself from Spider-Man, lest he ends up stuck to the character in the audience’s eyes) to star in a crime drama based on former Army medic Nico Walker’s memoir about his days after Iraq, where the PTSD and an opioid addiction led him to start robbing banks.
-Da 5 Bloods: After bouncing back from a slump with the critical and commercial success of BlackKklansman, Spike Lee is cashing a Netflix check to tell the tale of four African American veterans who return to Vietnam to search for their fallen leader and some treasure. With a cast that includes Delroy Lindo, Clarke Peters, Isiah Whitlock Jr, Paul Walter Hauser and Chadwick Boseman, this sounds like an interesting combo, although we still should remember the last time that Spike tried his hand at a war movie, with the dull Miracle at St. Anna.
-Dune: If you are on Reddit, you probably know about the new film by movies’ new Messiah, Denis Villeneuve. While the epic sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert is getting a new chance in the multiplexes after that David Lynch movie that was forgotten by many, some are hoping that this will be the beginning of a new franchise (as seen by the release date of December 18, taking the spot of the usual Star Wars opening), and a return to the whole “remember when stuff like Return of the King or Fury Road were nominated for Best Picture?” question. Timothee Chalamet will be riding a lot of hope, and sandworm.
-Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: As you start to see, there are several musicals that are gonna be fighting for attention over the next year, and Annette was the first one. Now, we also have this adaptation of the hit West End production, that centers around a gay British teenager who dreams of becoming a drag queen and get his family and schoolmates to accept his sexuality. With a cast that mixes young unknowns, familiar Brits (Sharon Horgan, Sarah Lancashire and my boy Ralph Ineson) and the previously nominated legend that is Richard E. Grant (who is playing a former drag queen named Loco Chanelle), the creative team of the stage musical will jump to the big screen with the help of Fox Searchlight (sorry, just Searchlight), who has clear Oscar hopes with a release date right in the middle of awards heat, on October 23.
-Hillbilly Elegy: Even though the Parasite victory gave many people hope for a new Academy that stops recognizing stuff like previous winner Green Book… let’s be honest, the Academy will still look for movies like Green Book. This year, many people are turning their eyes towards Ron Howard’ adaptation of J.D. Vance’s memoir about his low income life in a poor rural community in Ohio, filled with drugs, violence and verbal abuse. If this sounds like white trash porn, it doesn’t help to know that Glenn Close, who has become the biggest living Oscar bridesmaid with seven nominations, will play a character called Mamaw. And if that sounds trashy, then you have to know that Amy Adams, who follows Glenn with six nominations, is playing her drug-addicted, careless daughter. I don’t want to call this “Oscar bait”, but it sure is tempting.
-I’m Thinking of Ending Things: After his stopmotion existential dramedy Anomalisa got him a Best Animated Feature nomination at the Oscars but at the same time bombed at the box office, Charlie Kaufman is getting the Netflix check. This time, he’s adapting the dark novel by Iain Reid, about a woman (Jessie Buckley, who is on the rise and took over the role after Brie Larson had to pass) who is taken by her boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) to meet his parents (Toni Collette and David Thewlis), in a trip that takes a turn for the worse. If Kaufman can deliver with this one, it will be a big contender.
-In the Heights: Yes, more musicals! This time, it’s time to talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Tony-winning musical, that was overshadowed because of his other small play about some treasury secretary. Now, his Broadway ensemble tale about life in a neighborhood in Washington Heights is jumping to the movie screen with Jon Chu at the helm, following the success of Crazy Rich Asians. This Latino tale mixes up-and-comers like Anthony Ramos (who comes straight from Hamilton and playing Lady Gaga’s friend in A Star is Born), names like Corey Hawkins and Jimmy Smits (who is pro bits), and Olga Merediz, who starred in the Broadway show as Abuela Claudia and who could be the early frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress, if Chu allows her to shine like she did onstage.
-Jesus Was My Homeboy: When looking at up-and-coming Black actors right now in Hollywood, two of the top names are Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield, who already appeared in the same movie in Get Out, which earned Kaluuya a Best Actor nomination. This time, they share the screen in Shaka King’s retelling of the story of Fred Hampton (Kaluuya), an activist and Black Panther leader… as well as the story of William O’Neal (Stanfield), the FBI agent sent by J. Edgar Hoover to infiltrate the party and arrest him. With the backing of Warner Bros, this will attempt to make an impact with a clash of actors that will have to fight with an August release date, not the ideal time to release an awards movie.
-King Richard: Starting with Suicide Squad, Will Smith has been trying to prove that he’s back and better than ever. Some attempts to get back to the top of the A-list (Aladdin, Bad Boys For Life) have worked, while others (Gemini Man, Spies in Disguise)... have not. But Will is still going, and now he’s going for his next prestige play as he plays Richard Williams, the coach and father of the tennis legends Venus and Serena, who pushed them to their full potential. While it’s weird that the father of the Williams sisters is getting a movie before them, it does sound like a meaty role for Smith, who has experience with Oscar notices with sports biopics because of what he did with Michael Mann in Ali. Let’s hope director Reinaldo Marcus Green can take him there too.
-Last Night in Soho: Every year, one or two directors who have a cool reputation end up in the Dolby Theatre, and 2020 could be the year of Edgar Wright. After delivering his first big box office hit with Baby Driver, the Brit is going back to London to tell a story in the realm of psychological horror, which has been supposedly inspired by classics like Don’t Look Now and Repulsion. With a premise that supposedly involves time travel and a cast that includes Anya-Taylor Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, Matt Smith and Diana Rigg, Wright (who also co-wrote this with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who was just nominated for Best Original Screenplay for her work in 1917) is making a big swing.
-Let Them All Talk: Every year there’s more new streaming services, and that also means that there’s new players in the Oscar game. To secure subscribers to the new service, HBO Max has secured the rights to the next Steven Soderbergh movie, a comedy that stars Meryl Streep as a celebrated author that takes her friends (Candice Bergen, Dianne Wiest) and her nephew (Lucas Hedges, again) in a journey to find fun and come to terms with the past. The last time that Soderbergh and Streep worked together, the end result was the very disappointing The Laundromat. Let’s hope that this time everything works out.
-Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: Now that Netflix got the deal to adapt August Wilson’s acclaimed plays with Denzel Washington’s production company, the next jump from the stage to the screen is a meaty one. Viola Davis is playing blues singer Ma Rainey in this tale of a heated recording session with her bandmates, her agent and her producer in 1927, with a cast that also includes Chadwick Boseman, Glynn Turman and Colman Domingo. The Tony nominated play talked about race, art and the intersection of the two, and it’s gonna be explosive to see that unfold on screen, even if director George C. Wolfe’s previous filmography isn’t very encouraging.
-Macbeth: In a shocking development, the Coen brothers are no more. Well, just this time. For the first time in his career, Joel Coen is making a movie without Ethan, and it’s a Shakespeare adaptation. Denzel Washington is playing the man who wants to be king of Scotland, and Frances McDormand is playing his Lady Macbeth. While this just started filming and it will be a race to finish it in time for competition in the awards race, the potential is there, and this project has everybody’s attention.
-Mank: After scoring 24 Oscar nominations and only winning 2 awards last Sunday, Netflix has to wonder what else must they do to get in the club that awards them. They tried with Cuarón, they tried with Scorsese, they tried with Baumbach, they tried with two Popes, and they still feel a barrier. Now, the big gamble for awards by the streamer in 2020 comes to us in the hands of David Fincher, who is basically their friend after the rest of Hollywood denied him (Disney dropped his 20,000 Leagues adaptation, HBO denied the US remake of Utopia, and Paramount drove World War Z 2 away from him). In his first movie since 2014’s Gone Girl, David will go black and white to tackle a script by his late father about the making of the classic of classics, Citizen Kane, with previous Oscar winner Gary Oldman playing the lead role of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. Will the Academy fall for the ultimate “power of da moviesshhh” story?
-Minari: Sundance can be hit or miss with the breakout films that try to make it to the Oscars. However, you can’t deny the waves made by A24 when they premiered Lee Isaac Chung’s new drama there, ending up winning the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award in the US Dramatic Competition. If Parasite endeared Academy voters to Korean families, Steven Yeun hopes that the same thing happens with this story, where he plays a father in the ‘80s who suddenly decides to move his family to Arkansas to start a farm. Even though the reviews have been great, we must also remember that last year, A24 had in their hands The Farewell, another Sundance hit about an Asian family that ended up with no Oscar nominations. Let’s hope that this time, the Plan B influence (remember, that’s Brad Pitt’s production company, of Moonlight and 12 Years a Slave fame) makes a difference.
-Next Goal Wins: It’s a good time to be Taika Waititi. Why? Taika Waititi can do what he wants. He can direct a Thor movie, he can win an Oscar for writing a comedy set in WW2 about a Third Reich boy who has an Imaginary Hitler friend, or he can pop up in The Mandalorian as a droid. Taika keeps winning, and he wants more. Between his press tour for Jojo Rabbit and his return to the MCU, he quickly shot an adaptation of a great documentary about the disgraced national team of American Samoa, one of the worst football teams known to man, as they try to make the cut for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Everybody loves a good sports comedy, and Searchlight bets that we’ll enjoy this story led by Michael Fassbender as the new (and Dutch-American) coach in town who tries to shape the team for victory.
-News of the World: Seven years after their solid collaboration in Captain Phillips, Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks reunite for more awards love in what seems to be Universal’s main attraction for the Oscars. This time, Hanks stars in a Western drama based on Paulette Jiles’ novel where he plays a traveling newsreader in the aftermath of the American Civil War who is tasked with reuniting an orphaned girl with her living relatives. With a Christmas release date, Universal is betting big in getting the same nomination boost that 1917 is enjoying right now, and the formula is promising.
-Nightmare Alley: Following his Best Picture and Best Director wins for The Shape of Water, everybody in Hollywood wondered what would Guillermo del Toro do next. Well, as Del Toro often does, a little bit of everything and nothing. Some projects moved (as his produced Pinocchio movie on Netflix, or his Death Stranding likeness cameo), others stalled and die (like his proposed Fantastic Voyage remake). But now he’s rolling on his next project, a new adaptation of the William Lindsay Gresham novel that already was a Tyrone Power film in 1947. This noir tale tells the story of a con man (Bradley Cooper) who teams up with a psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett) to trick people and win money, and how things get out of control. With a cast that also includes Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Rooney Mara and more, this could play well if it hits the right tone.
-Nomadland: There’s breakout years, and then there’s the amazing potential of Chloe Zhao’s 2020. On the one hand, after making Hollywood notice her skill with the gripping story of The Rider, she got the keys to the MCU kingdom to direct the next potential franchise of Kevin Feige, The Eternals. And just in case, she also has in her sleeve this indie drama that she wrote and directed beforehand, with two-time Oscar winner Frances McDormand playing a woman who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. If Chloe nails these two films, it could be the one-two punch of the decade.
-One Night in Miami: Regina King is living her best life. Following her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in If Beale Street Could Talk and the success that came with her lead role in the Watchmen show on HBO, the actress is jumping to a new challenge: directing movies. For her big screen debut, she’s adapting Kemp Powers’ play that dramatizes a real meeting on February 25, 1964, between Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown.
-Over the Moon: After earning praise and Oscar nominations with I Lost My Body and Klaus, Netflix will keep its bet on animated movies with a film directed by the legendary Glen Keane. Who? A classic Disney animator responsible for the design of characters like Ariel, the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and more](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jRkx2PNVr8), and who recently won an Oscar for Best Animated Short for Dear Basketball, which he co-directed with the late Kobe Bryant. Now, he brings us a musical adventure centered around a Chinese girl who builds a rocket ship and blasts off to the Moon in hopes of meeting a legendary Moon Goddess.
-Passing: It’s always interesting when an actor jumps behind the camera, and Rebecca Hall’s case is no exception. For her directorial debut, Hall chose to adapt Nella Larsen’s acclaimed novel set in Harlem in the 1920s, about two mixed race childhood friends (Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson) who reunite in adulthood and become obsessed with one another's lives. With a premise that explores tough questions about race and sexuality, it looks like a tricky challenge for a first timer, but it would be more impressive if Hall manages to rise over the challenge.
-Prisoner 760: An interesting part of following the awards circuit is looking at when it's appropriate to talk about touchy subjects in recent history. I’m saying that because this next movie tells the real life tale of Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim), a man who, despite not being charged or having a set trial, is held in custody at Guantanamo Bay, and turns towards a pair of lawyers (Jodie Foster and Shailene Woodley) to aid him. Based on the famous journal that the man wrote while he was being detained, the movie (that also counts with Benedict Cumberbatch) is directed by Kevin Macdonald who, a long time ago, helped Forest Whitaker win Best Actor for The Last King of Scotland. Could he get back in the race after almost 15 years of movies like State of Play?
-Raya and the Last Dragon: This year, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ bet for the Oscars is a fantasy tale set in a mysterious realm called Kumandra, where a warrior named Raya searches for the last dragon in the world. And that dragon has the voice of Awkwafina. Even though they missed out last Oscars when Frozen II got the cold shoulder by the Academy in Best Animated Feature, this premise looks interesting enough to merit a chance. One more thing: between last year’s Abominable, Over the Moon and this movie, there’s a clear connection of animated movies trying to appeal to Chinese sensibilities (and that sweet box office).
-Rebecca: It’s wild to think that the only time that Alfred Hitchcock made a film that won the Oscar for Best Picture was with 1940’s adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s psychological thriller novel, more muted and conventional than his more known classics. Now, Ben Wheatley and Netflix are giving the Gothic story a new spin, with Lily James playing the newly married young woman who finds herself battling the shadow of her husband's (Armie Hammer) dead first wife, the mysterious Rebecca. The story is a classic, and we have to see how much weird Wheatley stuff is in the mix.
-Red, White and Water: Between 2011 and 2014, Jennifer Lawrence was everywhere and people loved it. She was America’s sweetheart, the Oscar winner, Katniss Everdeen. But then, everything kinda fell. Those X-Men movies got worse and she looked tired of being in them, her anecdotes got less charming and more pandering to some, she took respectable risks that didn’t pay off with Red Sparrow and Mother!, and some people didn’t like that she said that it wasn’t nice to share private photos of her online. Now, she looks to get back to the Oscar race with a small project funded by A24 and directed by Lila Neugebauer in her film debut, about a soldier who comes back to the US after suffering a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan. Also, Brian Tyree Henry is in this, and it would be amazing if he got nominated for something.
-Respect: You know what’s a surefire way to get Academy voters’ attention? Play a real singer! Rami Malek took a win last year for playing Freddie Mercury, Renee Zellweger just won the gold after portraying Judy Garland, and now Jennifer Hudson wants more Oscar love. Almost 15 years after taking Best Supporting Actress for her role in Dreamgirls, Hudson will try to get more by playing soul legend Aretha Franklin, in a biopic directed by first timer Liesl Tommy that practically screams “give me the gold”. How am I so sure? Well, see the teaser that they released in December (for a movie that opens in October), and tell me. It will work out better for Hudson than Cats, that’s for sure.
-Soul: Unless they really disappoint (I’m looking at you, The Good Dinosaur, Cars 2 and Cars 3), you can’t have the Oscars without inviting Pixar to the party. This year, they have two projects in the hopes of success. While in a few weeks we’ll see what happens with the fantasy family road trip of Onward, the studio’s biggest bet of the year clearly is the next existential animation written and directed by Pete Docter, who brought Oscar gold to his home with Up and Inside Out. The movie, which centers on a teacher (voice of Jamie Foxx) who dreams of becoming a jazz musician and, just as he’s about to get his big break, ends up getting into an accident that separates his soul from his body, had a promising first trailer, and it also promises a score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, as well as new songs by Jon Batiste. The only downside so far for the marketing was the fact that the trailer reveal led people to notice a suspicious trend involving black characters when they lead an animated movie.
-Tenet: When Leonardo DiCaprio finally touched his Academy Award, an alarm went off in the mind of a portion of Internet users, who have made their next crusade to give themselves to the cause of getting Christopher Nolan some Oscar love. And his next blank check, an action thriller involving espionage and time travel, could pull off the same intersection of popcorn and prestige that made Inception both a box office hit and a critically acclaimed Oscar nominee. It helps to have a cast of impressive names like John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson, as well as a crew that includes Ludwig Goransson and Hoyte van Hoytema. In other words, if this becomes a hit, this could go for a huge number of nominations.
-The Devil All the Time: As you may have noticed by now, Netflix is leading the charge in possible Oscar projects. Another buzzy movie that comes from them is the new psychological thriller by Antonio Campos, a filmmaker known for delivering small and intimate but yet intense and terrifying dramas like Simon Killer and Christine. Using the novel by Donald Ray Pollock, Campos will follow non-linearly a cast of characters in Ohio between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Vietnam War, with the help of an interesting cast that includes Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska, Eliza Scanlen, Bill Skarsgard, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough.
-The Eyes of Tammy Faye: After being known as a sketch comedy goofball because of The State, Wet Hot American Summer and Stella, Michael Showalter reinvented himself as a director of small and human dramedies like Hello, My Name is Doris and The Big Sick. For his next project, he’s gonna mix a little bit of both worlds, because he has before him the story of the televangelists Tammy Faye Bakker (Jessica Chastain, who has been really trying to recapture her early ‘10 awards run to no avail) and Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield, who was previously nominated for Hacksaw Ridge, instead of Silence, because why). With a real life tale that involves Christian theme parks, fraud and conspiracies, this is the kind of loud small movie that Searchlight loves to parade around, especially as an actors showcase (Jojo Rabbit being the most recent example). The first image looks terrifying, by the way.
-The Father: It’s weird to be in the middle of February and say that there’s already a frontrunner for the Best Actor race at the next Oscars. After its premiere in Sundance a couple of weeks ago, every prognosticator pointed in the direction of Anthony Hopkins (recently nominated for Best Supporting Actor in The Two Popes), who delivers a harrowing portrayal of an old man grappling with his age as he develops dementia, causing pain to his beleaguered daughter (recent winner Olivia Colman, who also got praised). With reviews calling it a British answer to Amour (in other words: it’s a hard watch), Florian Zeller’s adaptation of his acclaimed play not only benefits from having Hopkins and Colman together as a selling point, because it was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics, a distributor with experience in getting Academy voters to watch adult movies with heavy themes. If you don’t believe me, watch how they got Julianne Moore a win for Still Alice, as well as recent nominations for Isabelle Huppert for Elle, Glenn Close for The Wife, and Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory. They know the game, and they are going to hit hard for Hopkins and Colman.
-The French Dispatch: If you saw the trailer, we don’t need to dwell too much on the reasons. On the one hand, we have the style of Wes Anderson, a filmmaker who has become a name in both the critics circle and the casual viewer, with his last two movies (The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs) earning several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture for the one with Gustave H. Then, we have a long cast that goes from the director’s regulars like Bill Murray to new stars like Timothee Chalamet, and also includes people like Benicio del Toro. The only thing that could endanger the Oscar chances for this is that the story, an anthology set around a period comedy with an European riff on The New Yorker, will alienate the average Academy member.
-The Humans: There’s the prestige of a play, and then there’s the prestige of a Tony-winning play. Playwright Stephen Karam now gets to jump to the director’s chair to take his acclaimed 2016 one-act story to the big screen, and A24 is cutting the check. Telling the story of a family that gets together on Thanksgiving to commiserate about life, this adaptation will be led by original performer Jayne Houdyshell (who also won a Tony for her stage performance), who’ll be surrounded by Richard Jenkins, Beanie Feldstein, Amy Schumer, Steven Yeun and June Squibb. If it avoids getting too claustrophobic or stagey for the cinema, it will be a good contender.
-The Last Duel: Always speedy, Ridley Scott is working on his next possible trip to the Oscars. This time, it’s the telling of a true story in 14th-century France, where a knight (Matt Damon) accuses his former friend (Adam Driver) of raping his wife (Jodie Comer), with the verdict being determined by the titular duel. It’s a juicy story, but there was some concern when it seemed that the script was only being written by Damon and Ben Affleck (who’ll also appear in the film). A rape story written by them after the Weinstein revelations… not the best look. But then, it was revealed that they were writing the screenplay with indie figure Nicole Holofcener, who last year was nominated for an Oscar for her script for Can You Ever Forgive Me? Let’s hope that the story is told in a gripping but not exploitative way, and that it doesn’t reduce the role of Comer (who deserves more than some of the movie roles that she’s getting after Killing Eve) to a Hollywood stereotype.
-The Power of the Dog: We have to talk about the queen of the indie world, we have to talk about Jane Campion. More than a decade after her last movie, Bright Star, the Oscar and Palme d’Or winner for The Piano returns with a non-TV project (see Top of the Lake, people) thanks to Netflix, with a period drama centered around a family dispute between a pair of wealthy brothers in Montana, Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Burbank (Jesse Plemons), after the latter one marries a local widow (Kirsten Dunst). According to the synopsis, “a shocked and angry Phil wages a sadistic, relentless war to destroy her entirely using her effeminate son Peter as a pawn”. Can’t wait to see what that means.
-The Prom: Remember the Ryan Murphy blank check deal with Netflix that I mentioned earlier? Well, another of the projects in the first batch of announcements for the deal is a musical that he’ll direct, adapting the Tony-nominated show about a group of Broadway losers (now played by the one and only Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Andrew Rannells and, uh, James Corden, for some reason) who try to find a viral story to get back in the spotlight, and end up going to a town in Indiana to help a lesbian high school student who has been banned from bringing her girlfriend to the prom. The show has been considered a fun and heartwarming tale of acceptance, so the movie could be an easy pick for an average Academy voter who doesn’t look too hard (and you know that the Golden Globes will nominate the shirt out of this). It’s funny how this comes out the same year than Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, and then it’s not funny realizing that Film Twitter will pit the two movies against each other.
-The Trial of the Chicago 7: After getting a taste of the director’s taste with Molly’s Game, Aaron Sorkin wants more. For his second movie, he’s tackling one of his specialties: a courtroom drama. And this one is a period movie centered around the trial on countercultural activists in the late ‘60s, which immediately attracts a campaign of how “important” this movie is today’s culture. To add the final blow, we have a cast that includes Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jeremy Strong, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frank Langella, William Hurt, Michael Keaton and Mark Rylance. If Sorkin can contain himself from going over the top (and with that cast, it would be so easy to surrender to bouts of screaming and winding speeches), this could be one of the top contenders.
-Those Who Wish Me Dead: Having made a good splash in the directorial waters with Wind River, Taylor Sheridan (also known for writing the Sicario movies, the Oscar-nominated Hell or High Water or that Yellowstone show that your uncle raves about on Facebook) returns with yet another modern Western. For this thriller based on the Michael Koryta novel, Angelina Jolie stars as a survival expert in the Montana wilderness who is tasked with protecting a teenager who witnessed a murder, while assassins are pursuing him and a wildfire grows closer.
-Untitled David O. Russell Project: Following the mop epic Joy, that came and went in theaters but still netted a Best Actress nomination for Jennifer Lawrence, the angriest director in Hollywood took a bit of a break (it didn’t help that he tried to do a really expensive show with Amazon starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore that fell apart when the Weinstein exposes sank everything). Now, he’s quickly putting together his return to the days of Oscar love that came with stuff like The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, with a new movie that is set to star Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and Michael B. Jordan. Even though we don’t know many details (some people are saying the movie is called Amsterdam) except for the fact the movie hasn’t started shooting yet, David is a quick guy, so he’ll get it ready for the fall festival circuit. If there’s one thing that David O. Russell knows (apart from avoid getting cancelled for abusing people like Lily Tomlin, Amy Adams and his niece), it’s to make loud actor showcases.
-Untitled Nora Fingscheidt Project: When Bird Box became one of the biggest hits on Netflix history, the streamer decided to keep itself in the Sandra Bullock business. Sandy’s next project for Ted Sarandos is a drama where she plays a woman who is released from prison after serving time for a violent crime, and re-enters a society that refuses to forgive her past. To get redemption, she searches her younger sister she was forced to leave behind. With the direction of Fingscheidt, who comes from an acclaimed directorial debut with Systemsprenger (Germany’s submission to the last Academy Awards), and a cast that also includes Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal, this will also hopefully try its luck later this year.
-Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project: We don’t know if this movie will be ready for the end of the year (although last time, he managed to sneak Phantom Thread under the buzzer and earn several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture), but PTA is apparently gonna start to shoot it soon, with the backing of Focus Features. After several movies with prestige locations and intricate production design, Film Twitter’s Holy Spirit will go back to the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s, to tell the story of a high school student who is also a successful child actor.
-Stillwater: Tom McCarthy’s recent career is certainly puzzling. After delivering the weird lows of The Cobbler, he bounced back with the Best Picture winner that was Spotlight. And following that, he… helped produce the 13 Reasons Why series. And following that… he made Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, a Disney+ original movie. Now, he’s back to the award race with a drama starring Matt Damon, who plays a father who rushes from Oklahoma to France to help his daughter (Abigail Breslin), who is in prison after being suspected for a murder she claims she didn’t commit.
-West Side Story: To close things, we have to see one of the possible big contenders of the season, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the iconic musical that translates Romeo and Juliet to the context of a street gang war in 1950s New York. While the decision to adapt again something that has been a classic both in Broadway and in movie theaters almost 60 years ago is a challenge, the idea of Spielberg doing a musical closer to the stage version with Tony Kushner as the writer is too tempting for the average Academy voter, who is already saving a spot in major categories in case Steven nails it in December. However, there’s two question marks. First, how well will Ansel Elgort and newcomer Rachel Zegler stand out in the roles of Tony and Maria? And second, will In the Heights steal some of the thunder of this movie by being, you know, more modern?
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2019.05.24 00:43 richesh664 Where it all began

The heading of this blog could mean a lot of things. It could mean where it all began with my friends(who cares about where it started with them, they’re friends for God’s sake), to where it all started with my foes(of course I don’t have foes, metaphorically speaking), or it could even mean where my dating life started(ooh, this might be interesting) and the list goes on and on and on. But that is not the topic I’m going to speak about today; this could be a surprising rather, an interesting one.
I presume that you would have heard about the MCU, this is the acronym for Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those who don’t know, MCU is a series of interlinking superhero films. It is based upon the comics from Marvel(you know Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America etc). So the MCU has been an important feature of Hollywood films which was started from 2008 till today, with it’s newest movie Avengers Endgame still in theatres.
So, you would’ve got some knowledge about the MCU, allow me to enlighten where it all began for me.
The year was 2009, I was in my 6th standard I guess, not pretty sure. So I was pretty young and was a fun loving fat kid living in the heart of Chennai, whiling away my summer vacation by lying down in my couch and watching TV all day long. I had no interest in reading books or doing some useful stuff whatsoever, TV was my everything. When I was searching through the channels I came across a rather interesting movie which was being telecasted in Star Vijay(something which we all know as Vijay TV). That movie intrigued me; it was funny, action packed and had a lot of technology going through. It was in Tamil of course but still, it was fun. Apparently the movie had no breaks in between and was going on continuously. So basically I was watching an English movie in Tamil whose name I didn’t know. So eventually the movie ended and then you get the co presented by and stuff. That’s when I heard the name of the movie. The name of the movie was Iron Man!!! A name which we all are very familiar with now. At that time I didn’t know who Iron Man was at all. The superheroes whom I had known at that time were Batman, Superman, Spiderman,Wonder Woman and so on. Basically I was only familiar with most of the DC characters since I have watched more of their cartoons on TV and they were easily available to me in the form of toys. Where was I,... Yes, Iron Man a very funny name I thought. Like isn’t it too obvious, a guy in an iron suit of course he’s going to be called Iron Man. And the actor who played that role, came to know about his name in the end credits. Robert Downey Jr, that was the name of the actor who portrayed the titular role. Once again, had no clue about the actor. The Hollywood actors I knew that time were the obvious ones Arnold, Jackie chan, Leonardo DiCaprio(only because of Titanic, duh), Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet(Titanic, again). So this guy was a complete stranger to me who played a superhero who I wasn’t even familiar with but liked after watching the movie. I wanted to search the internet to know more about him. During that time I didn’t have immediate access to the Internet like how I do now. I had to use either the browsing centre or wait for my Dad’s laptop, which would take me about 6 months to get my hands on since he was working abroad at that time. Eventually the movie and the actor faded away along with my mediocre memory.
The years passed with me not even thinking about the movie nor the character, until 2012 Christmas day. We went to our cousin’s home for Christmas which is a ritual we follow every year. I was always very excited to go to my cousin’s place since we would play video games for hours without any intervening. But that year was different, we thought why not indulge ourselves in games but to some good English movies that came out. So that’s when he told about this movie, where a group of superheroes team up to fight the villain. I was super intrigued about this movie and then we started to watch it. As the movie was going on, a familiar character was seen. My mindvoice at that time was like, “Ivana engayo paathirukome?”, then when I asked about him to my cousin, he told me that it was Iron Man. All the Vijay TV memories came rushing back to my mind. Now I was even more intrigued and watched the movie with complete focus/intensity. Another familiar character was shown up, it was none other than the Hulk(of course I would know about the hulk, are you kidding?). My excitement level for this movie went out of the roof. The movie in itself was amazing but with all those characters and that amazing background score the whole thing was breathtaking. That was when my mind started to go crazy, that movie was running in my mind for a long time and that I started incorporating it with whatever I do. Like running and jumping as if I had those thrusters like Iron Man and many more. Those characters made me fall in love with them, and I wanted to know more about them. I learnt about all the interlinking movies which came before the Avengers and made it my mission to watch every single one of them. There were about four movies which I had to watch to know about some of the stuff they said in the movie, which I completed in a day. But it didn’t stop there for me, I took the next step; next step of learning about the comics. Started to buy those comics, finished them one by one, learnt about all the characters, the new ones which weren’t even heard about, the theories, suggestions, you name it! I was obsessed with those characters, as the comics were going on more movies regarding these characters started to come out. I went to all those movies without fail on the first day, didn’t miss even a single one for the past 7 years, sometimes I watched the movies two or three times in the theatre to know about easter eggs which they had planted in the movies which can be recognized by comic readers. Those characters became a part of me, a part of my lifestyle and in stuff I do. They were a part of me so much that I cried in the theatre when two characters died in the most recent movie. I never cry or show emotional context while watching a movie, but I did here. Those characters travelled with me right from my teenage to my adulthood and they had become an integral part in my mind that it moved me to tears. You might think that I might be exaggerating some of the stuff and that showing so much emotion for movies might not be a good thing. But here’s the thing, I am the most practical person I know(besides my father), so in my heart I know that if I am following something it must be of some use to me, And it was. In every movie there was something that the character had taught me which kinda made me what I am today. There isn’t one ounce of regret in my mind for being that way.
But to wrap it all up there is one person that I need to thank for introducing me to this superhero family. Yes, you guessed it right, I would like to thank Vijay TV for introducing me to one of the important characters that has been a part of my teenage to adulthood life. And yes, there can be a statement made for me to thank my cousin who gave that push but to be honest it was Vijay TV who gave me the knowledge of it and frankly it is, “Where it all began”.
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2019.03.25 16:04 TSLPDustin S03E04 - Titanic Official Discussion

Disclaimer: This is an official discussion thread. Spoilers will remain untagged. If you have not seen the film or listened to our episode, we highly recommend you refrain from continuing until you’ve seen the film and/or listened to our episode. Please report broken links or out of date information.
Title: Titanic
Year: 1997
Synopsis: A seventeen-year-old aristocrat falls in love with a kind but poor artist aboard the luxurious, ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic.
Director(s): James Cameron
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Page: Titanic
IMDb Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (940,875 votes)
IMDb Page: Titanic
Where to Watch: iTunes Amazon Google Play
Our Episode: Click here to listen on iTunes
Clue for Next Week’s Episode: “Life is like a box of chocolates”
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2018.06.28 18:54 LukeWilsonStupidNose Directors, actors and actresses share who they want to work with in the future.

Amy Adams: “Patty Jenkins.” (Vanity Fair, 2017)
Paul Thomas Anderson: “[Tiffany Haddish is] a really thrilling performer. It’s the same way I felt when I saw Adam — there’s so much there.” (LA Times, 2018)
Jack Black: “There’s plenty of directors that I’d love to work with that I never will. Paul Thomas Anderson. Quentin Tarantino comes to mind – yeah, not going to happen. Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, these are guys that I love, that I’d love to work with. But you’ve got to be careful what you wish for. All of a sudden, you can be, like, naked running through the street in a David Lynch film.” (CBR, 2015)
Emily Blunt: “Walter Salles, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese. Oh, and Andrea Arnold.” (The Times, 2012)
Jim Carrey: “I’ve been wanting to do something with Spike [Jonze] forever. I was stupid enough to turn him down to direct Ace 2, cause I had no idea who he was.” (TIFF, 2017)
George Clooney: “I’ve never worked with Kate Winslet and I’d love to work with her. There are a million more out there. Pretty much any actress – I love working with actresses in general.” (BAFTA, 2012)
Ryan Coogler: “Keith Stanfield.” (Hollywood Reporter, 2015)
Sofia Coppola: “Eddie Murphy. I’ve always been such a fan of his, and I wish he would do something interesting.” (The Guardian, 2017)
Benedict Cumberbatch: “Soderbergh’s a genius, I’ve always wanted to work with him.” (LA Times, 2013)
Matt Damon: “David Fincher and Paul Thomas Anderson.” (ShortList, 2013)
Guillermo del Toro: “I like Hugh Jackman very much. He has a lot of charisma, he’s a very good actor with a lot of energy.” (Metro, 2010)
Leonardo DiCaprio: “Paul Thomas Anderson is someone I’d love to work with . . . Ang Lee is very talented.” (The Talks, 2011)
Idris Elba: “Denzel Washington would be a good actor to make a movie with as he’s a legend – as is Meryl Streep, who I’d really love to work with too.” (The Sun, 2017)
Michael Fassbender: “I’ve always been a huge Scorsese fan, and I’d love to work with him. Or, more recently, Paul Thomas Anderson, or the Coen brothers.” (7x7, 2010)
Will Ferrell: “Bill Murray.” (IndieLondon, 2010)
Jeff Goldblum: “Oh boy oh boy. Mmmm. Plenty. For starters, let’s say Paul Thomas Anderson, and the Coen brothers.” (Reddit, 2014)
Ryan Gosling: “I’d like to work with Kristen Wiig, she rules.” (Moviefone, 2012)
Jake Gyllenhaal: “Denzel Washington.” (Deadline, 2014)
Anne Hathaway: “Guillermo del Toro, Tarantino, Gus Van Sant, Sarah Polley, and Sofia Coppola.” (Elle, 2008)
Ethan Hawke: “Is it okay if I say Leonardo DiCaprio? Because I know he’s crazy famous and everyone wants to work with him, but I admire tremendously the way he has handled his celebrity. After the success of Titanic, it would have been very easy for him to wind up another drug-addled casualty on the Hollywood Strip; but instead he’s dedicated himself to making great films, and doesn’t he need an older brother? Or a bad guy?” (Reddit, 2013)
Samuel L. Jackson: “Maggie Smith. Maggie’s one of my favorite people.” (People, 2017)
Allison Janney: “I want to work with Judd Apatow, I’ll tell you that. I like things messy, I like things that aren’t just comedy and aren't just drama.” (Larry King Now, 2018)
Scarlett Johansson: “Tim Burton.” (MTV, 2009)
Michael B. Jordan: “Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell I’d love to work with. I wouldn’t mind rocking out Quentin Tarantino. But you know what? I’m going to go with the best. Martin Scorsese. I want to work with Marty.” (The Daily Beast, 2013)
Brie Larson: “I love Charlie Kaufman, and I love Spike Jonze, and I love P.T. Anderson.” (BirthMoviesDeath, 2013)
David Lowery: “It can range from Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton to Janelle Monáe who I loved in Hidden Figures and Moonlight. Actually the entire cast of Moonlight I’d love to work with! Paul Dano is someone who I hope to find a project to work with, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain. I love Kristen Stewart and what she’s doing now, the choices she’s making are really exciting and I’d love one of my movies to be one of those choices. I had a meeting with Selena Gomez a few years ago and the project didn’t work out, but I’d love to make a movie with her as strange as that may seem.” (The Young Folks, 2017)
Rooney Mara: “Paul Thomas Anderson and Michael Haneke.” (TimeOut, 2015)
Jennifer Lawrence: “The Coen brothers, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Ferrell, and Cate Blanchett.” (Vanity Fair, 2015)
Liam Neeson: “I’d love to work with Denzel. I have such admiration for him as an actor.” (GQ, 2014)
Jeff Nichols: “I’m pretty blown away by Matt Damon and Christian Bale’s work, if we are talking about people I haven’t worked with. Also, I’m a fan of Kate Mara and Mia Wasikowska.” (Reddit, 2016)
Elizabeth Olsen: “Yorgos [Lanthimos] — I really wanted to be in The Lobster, but there was a time problem. I want to work with Alexander Payne, the Coen brothers, P.T. Anderson, Quentin Tarantino. I like things that are a little off-center. Noah Baumbach.” (Village Voice, 2017)
David Oyelowo: “Kathryn Bigelow.” (Reddit, 2018)
Natalie Portman: “Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, Isabelle Huppert — there’s a lot!” (BuzzFeed, 2018)
Chris Pratt: “I would love to work with John Lithgow. I think I would really like to work with Bill Murray at some point, he’s amazing.” (The Morning Mash Up, 2014)
Keanu Reeves: “David Lynch and Paul Verhoeven.” (Giovanna Grassi, 2017)
Ivan Reitman: “I’d love to work with some of the young women who are just so great, like Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hathaway. I think they have such skill. I’d love to find some way to do a different kind of comedy with them.” (Collider, 2014)
Margot Robbie: “Ever since I saw The Assassination of Jesse James, I’ve being dying to work with Andrew Dominik. He’s just a brilliant Aussie director. And Cate Blanchett has always been my absolute acting idol. Ben Mendelsohn... I would chop off my right hand to work with him. Baz Luhrmann would be one of those bucket list sort of things. Rebel Wilson. I actually can’t think of an Aussie actor that I wouldn’t be thrilled to work with.” (FilmInk, 2016)
Chris Rock: “[I want to] direct Denzel Washington in a comedy. He hasn’t done it. I’ve seen him: He can turn a phrase and be kind of charming and kind of funny. He can kind of do everything.” (Tribeca Film Festival, 2016)
Saoirse Ronan: “I’d love to work with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone because they are fantastic. I think it is a good time to be in the company of other people who don’t want to sexualise themselves or objectify themselves.” (Telegraph, 2013)
Martin Scorsese: “Johnny Depp is one. I like him. He’s unique. I don’t know how he does it. George Clooney. Brad Pitt is interesting. And Tobey Maguire. There’s a lot of good people.” (The Playlist, 2010)
Michael Shannon: “I’ve always wanted to work with David Lynch . . . Paul Thomas Anderson? I’m desperate to work with him. He’s at the top. And I’d love to work with Michael Haneke.” (PORT Magazine, 2013)
Steven Spielberg: “Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.” (Inquirer, 2012)
Jason Statham: “Will Ferrell. I want to do, like, an action-comedy with him.” (Entertainment Weekly, 2013)
Kristen Stewart: “I love Jacques Audiard. A Prophet transported me. I would kill to work with him. I also really like Andrea Arnold. I love Fish Tank . . . I loved Mustang, Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s movie.” (Les Inrockuptible, 2015)
Emma Stone: “If I don’t do something with Diane Keaton before the end of time, I don’t know what I’ll do.” (Hollywood Reporter, 2017)
Meryl Streep: “I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don't know if I’ll live that long.” (The Talks, 2011)
Quentin Tarantino: “Kate Winslet, she is one of the greatest actresses of our time.” (The Young Folks, 2016)
Charlize Theron: “I am stalking Lynne Ramsay.” (San Francisco Chronicle, 2018)
Alicia Vikander: “Denis Villeneuve, the Coen brothers, or Charlie Kaufman.” (Santa Barbara Independent, 2016)
Denzel Washington: “There are obvious ones - Scorsese, or Tarantino, but they haven’t called.” (Den of Geek, 2010)
Edgar Wright: “Clint Eastwood.” (Den of Geek, 2013)
edited to add dates
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2018.02.08 16:25 Primestario Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet Joined Forces to Save a Woman's Life

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet worked together to make sure that a mom battling cancer was able to have access to the life-saving treatment she desperately needed.
Gemma Nuttall was diagnosed with aggressive ovarian cancer while pregnant and refused to be given drugs to treat the cancer as she would’ve had to terminate her pregnancy.
After her daughter Penelope was born, Gemma did everything she could to fight the cancer, but was told she eventually had just six to 12 months to live. She started a fundraiser to raise money for immunotherapy and that’s where Leo and Kate came in.
Kate heard about Gemma‘s story and teamed up with Leo to auction off three “Jack and Rose” date nights, which helped raise the £300,000 needed for the treatment.
Gemma is now cancer free and thanking Kate for what she and Leo did to help her.
“I can’t thank Kate enough. Without her donations, and the public’s, my story would be very different. We thought it was a wind-up, but then she called and I realized she was serious,” she told The Mirror. “I was so nervous but she asked me how I was feeling and how my ­treatment was going – she wanted to help. I told her I could never thank her enough and she told me not to be daft. She said she had read about my story online, that she had three kids of her own and had thought about what she would be like in that position. She said: ‘I just felt that urge to reach out to you, I knew that I wanted to help.’”
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2017.09.14 08:20 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘Titanic’ co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet address dating rumours once and for all The Express Tribune

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2017.09.14 08:08 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - ‘Titanic’ co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet address dating rumours once and for all

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2017.07.27 06:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet just out themselves up for ‘date sale’ The Express Tribune

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2017.07.27 06:50 AutoNewsAdmin [Op-Ed] - Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet just out themselves up for ‘date sale’

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2017.07.25 22:33 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet auctioning NYC dinner date with themselves for charity

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2017.07.25 21:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Dinner with Jack and Rose: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet auctioning off a date together for charity LA Times

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2017.07.25 20:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Drain Your Savings And Win A Dinner Date With Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Huffington Post

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2017.07.25 20:29 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Dinner with Jack and Rose: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet auctioning off a date together for charity

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2017.07.25 20:24 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Drain Your Savings And Win A Dinner Date With Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet

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2016.06.03 13:45 AI195 My Top 10 Moments In Blood And Wine. (Fairly lengthy)

DISCLAIMER. This is my first piece of writing of any game ever anything, ever. I have gluttonously consumed all forms of modern entertainment yet none have ever compelled me to write a properly lengthy essay, and for good reason. So I please beg you for your apologies if I come across like an overly enthusiastic fan boy.
I unfortunately picked up the Witcher 3 game mere weeks before my finals in December. If not for this I probably would have done a bit better, but I passed and that’s all that matters. Addictive to the very last drop, like a mixture of unsweetened black coffee mixed with heroin and methamphetamine. This has been called one of, if not the greatest RPGs of all time. And the new expansion titled “Blood and Wine” packs nearly 30 hours of content, for 20 dollars. (Take note EA, Ubisoft. You filthy money whores; CDPR shows us how it’s done). Yes, 20 dollars. Nothing else gives you more bang for each buck. I decided to write this piece encapsulating my top 10 favourite moments in the new expansion, as anything else would seem far too long and arduous for me to write, and for the reader to peruse. It would also require me to spend a lot of time I’d rather spend roaming the verdant fields of Toussaint.
Be warned though, there are spoilers. If you’ve completed the game, or don’t bother reading about spoilers, then read on.
  1. Paper chase - This seemingly mundane series of actions irked the White Wolf to no end and amused me in equal measure. It was a joy to see him go through what us common folk experience in banks and government offices. Standing in queues, being yelled at by others if we cut the line, hopping from office to office in search of Form A for paper B for Form C to fill out Form D, all the while being hampered by grumpy clerks who are eager for their 15 minutes of break time. Yet at the end of the quest, it was evident that a lot can be accomplished by a few kind words and a pleasant gift for a beleaguered clerk, which made her day. Words are powerful, after all.
  2. The Jesus references - There I was, exploring the nooks and crannies of beautiful Toussaint, when I chance upon a little lake in an island, in a lake. The sudden change in music as I stepped onto dry land alerted me that there might be a powerful monster hidden here, but all I saw was an old sage meditating on a small patch of land in the middle of the little body of water. And suddenly Geralt of Rivia achieved what Jesus of Nazareth did; he walked on water. The sage advised Geralt to return when he has proven himself worthy, and it was well worth it. He gives Geralt the mystical Aerondight, a rather badass silver sword that becomes more powerful with each successful hit, PERMANENTLY. A weaponised version of the Saiyan spirit, this. 10/10.
  3. The Warble of A Smitten Knight - Toussaint with its fair maidens and errant knights out to win hearts of aforementioned maidens seemed rather flowery to the White Wolf, and for good reason. But he saw in his mutated heart to help out Guillame to win the heart of Vivienne who held a terrible secret unknown to anyone else. The secret? She was cursed in utero to slowly transform into a bird as she grows older. As a beautiful maiden in her mid-twenties, she has to use powerful charms and illusions to keep up the semblance of a beautiful human woman. Lifting her curse, but only to give her a few short years of human life. Was it worth it? I still don’t know.
  4. Any scene with Regis - We all knew this would happen. As soon as it was clear that Blood And Wine would involve vampires at its core, I pretty much knew straight away that the formerly blood addicted, 428 year old Regis would play an integral part to the story. He is a connoisseur of fine wine after all and Toussaint would no doubt draw him like an oblivious fly to a Nepenthes. For those of you who haven’t read the books, I strongly urge you to do so. What an elaborate, well written character. I wish I had the philosophical mind of Regis and his potent eloquence in the common tongue as I write this piece.
  5. Festivities at an estate - Feasts, celebrations and festivals have always been the central part of the world of the Witcher Geralt, much to his chagrin. If there is one thing he hates more, it is dressing up for such events. He would much rather be out in the wild, camping under the stars with his faithful Roach by his side than be stuffed into a pompous doublet and make vacuous conversation with idyllic strangers. This festival was no exception, and a beautiful noblewoman as his date only soothed his nerves a little bit. There was also a Kate Winslet-Leonardo di Caprio Easter egg in the estate. An alluring naked woman’s form is being captured by an artist on his canvas. Toussaint being modelled after France, and the famous dialogue in the movie – “paint me like one of your French girls” were giveaways; this was a nicely hidden Easter egg.
  6. Lifting curses on a Wight - Toussaint isn’t all hunky dory after all. It has its fair share of spooky corners and haunted houses. One such house was the one in which a Spotted Wight dwells, whose body fluids are required by the Witcher for his decoctions. One way would be to kill it and take them, but that would be terribly boring. This particular monster used to be a beautiful woman who was cursed (surprise!) by a beggar for not giving him alms. Thus, she grew hair on her breasts, spouted claws and a hunched back, while slowly transforming into a monster while her family withered away. The only way to lift the curse? A simple meal to be had with her at her table. But who would do such a thing, apart from Geralt of Rivia of course?
  7. Children’s fairy tales - This part of the review is quite spoiler heavy, but I will try to keep them to a minimum without giving too much away. In short, it involves riding a unicorn, killing a witch on her broomstick, killing three little piggies, accidentally killing a tiny fairy, investigating the murder of Goldilocks, cosplaying as Red Riding Hood, a depressed Rapunzel and even a bloody beanstalk. All in all, an extremely weird quest which was beautifully designed.
  8. The inevitable sex scene - You would be daft for not expecting it. This is the Witcher series after all and it has never previously shied away from sex scenes. This particular one was a bit too cheesy for my liking (in the clouds, really?) but when coupled with the theme of the overhanging mission, it worked rather well. And yes, boobies. 10/10.
  9. Vampirism isn’t romantic at all - Vampires, especially higher vampires, regard humans as nothing but cattle and have written tomes regarding their rearing and breeding practices to ensure optimal levels of haemoglobin. One such vampire is an exceptionally beautiful older woman. An extremely wealthy patron of the arts who hides in plain sight, while harbouring a dark secret that even other higher vampires frown upon. She is the owner of an orphanage out of town, which seems rather odd given her personality, but it is soon revealed that it is nothing more than a place where she rears and breeds young orphans only to feast on their blood. And yes, she sings the Blood and Wine song to these children as she bites them. Gave me goosebumps as I watched the scene. EDIT. Only later, with waves of nostalgia washing over me, did I realize that Orianna was sexy bruxa in the cinematic trailer. CDPR, such a tease.
  10. A happy ending? - I had just completed the story while ensuring a happy ending for all involved. All but Geralt of Rivia. Will he finally find peace at last? A place to call home, where he would hang up his dual swords and wake up in the same bed each day? Trepidation filled me as he rode Roach to his vineyard (Surprise!) and who awaited him? Yennefer. The love of his life. As they sat under the Mediterranean sun, reading books and acknowledging that there were no more battles to be fought, no worlds in need of a saviour, I could see the decades of worry lines softening on Geralt’s face. In a world where his kind lived and died by the sword, he was one of the few lucky ones. Well, he did have to put up with a stuffed unicorn for a bed from then onwards.
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2015.12.23 17:56 mealsharedotorg It looks like we might finally have a contender.

These are the records that are the most interesting to see fall because only cultural milestones can pull them off. They are also the slow burn records that require the most patience to watch for, so they don't get much recognition from the rest of the world, but readers here should find them very satisfying to observe.
Quick frame of reference - the 8th weekend is Super Bowl weekend. Unlike Avatar, Titanic acted as counter programming and was powered by repeat viewings from teenage girls, so that's when Avatar fell behind. (The 1998 Super Bowl was January 25th, so that was actually Titanic's 7th weekend) Two weeks later was the Valentine's weekend - whereby Titanic actually made 98% of it's OW gross. For reference for those too young to remember, this was before 24 hour showtimes (that began with the Phantom Menace). Titanic essentially sold out every weekend showing, which is why the week over week drop was basically flat. It took 3 1/2 months to provide enough screenings for supply to finally catch up with demand. Here's what that looks like in a chart: Titanic Weekly Gross
Twelfth weekend is March 4-6th. That a long way out to pull in $17.61 for the win. TFA would need to sustain a 21.37% drop per weekend to claim the 12th Weekend.
A 22.4% average drop would allow it to claim all weekends up through the 11th.
Personally, I think it can only claim weekends 1-7. Weekends 8-12 will continue to be Titanic's records. What do you think?
Edit: Here's one more bit of nostalgia - The Box Office report from Dec 21, 1997 when extrapolations after one weekend were projecting Titanic to finish somewhere around 150 million.
Titanic's performance was spectacular considering its length at 194 minutes. Paramount secured the film in 2,674 ports and sailed away with a per-theater average of $10,710 - the best in the top ten. Its opening average was also better than those of other three-hour-plus movies (which went on to win the Best Picture Oscar) like 1995's Braveheart ($6,300) and 1990's Dances With Wolves ($9,100). It was by far the largest opening of any movie near the three-hour mark and beat the debut performance of Cameron's last film True Lies, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which grossed $25.9M in 2,368 theaters in July 1994. Paramount successfully beat the odds and scored a fantastic opening for a film that should have smooth sailing ahead.
Many elements contributed to Titanic's huge launch. There was no doubt that adding to the opening rush to see Titanic was its 8 Golden Globe nominations, best of any film this year, which were announced on the day before its release. Audiences were curious to see what James Cameron did to make the most expensive movie ever made. Hot young stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were big draws for teens and young adults and the romance story made it an event film for the date crowd. Titanic gave Paramount its biggest opening weekend of the year and could enable the studio to surge ahead of Warner Brothers for the third spot in the year's box office market share. Paramount's reported $65M investment for domestic distribution rights looks almost certain to pay off as the upcoming holiday weekend activity, strong word-of-mouth, and award consideration should all contribute to a prolonged domestic run that could see Titanic reach $150M. Fox, which foot the bill for the rest of the $200M production, will handle international distribution where the film is also likely to be a huge blockbuster.
Edit 2: More nostalgia, here's the weekend report from Mar 1, 1998:
THIS WEEKEND It may be a new month, but there's no changing how moviegoers spend their money. For the eleventh consecutive weekend, Titanic won the gold medal with another $19.6M in the cash register bringing its domestic haul to a record-breaking $427M. The James Cameron love boat, off just 6.7% from last weekend, has now grossed more money than the director's last three films combined as True Lies, Terminator 2, and The Abyss grossed a cumulative total of $405M at the domestic box office. Titanic is also red hot overseas and became the first motion picture in history to sell $1 billion in theatrical tickets. Another full sweep of overseas markets over the weekend pushed Titanic's offshore cume to $575.7M allowing the epic romance to reach $1,002,706,625 after only 73 days of release. Only $34M shy of the lifetime domestic gross of Star Wars, Titanic will soon become the highest-grossing movie in history, no matter which way you look at it. As Paramount and Fox are swimming in cash from the film's global ticket sales, Sony Music is rejoicing over the sales of two of its albums - the Titanic soundtrack (still the number one album in the U.S. after seven weeks) and Celine Dion's latest disc which features the theme song from the blockbuster film. The icy soundtrack disc has become the fastest-selling album by moving eight million copies in just fourteen weeks.
And then from Mar 22, 1998:
THIS WEEKEND Tossing three more competitors overboard, Titanic easily remained the number one movie at the domestic box office for the fourteenth consecutive weekend - a new box office record. The previous record was held by 1982's Tootsie and 1984's Beverly Hills Cop which each spent thirteen straight frames in the top spot. With a $17.2M haul over the Friday-to-Sunday period, down just 2%, Titanic's treasure chest is now filled with $494.5M and still rapidly climbing. James Cameron's vessel, which is destined to be showered with Oscars, has now grossed more than his last four films put together as True Lies, Terminator 2, The Abyss, and Aliens weigh in at a combined domestic gross of $487M. By midweek, the ocean liner will have crossed the $500M mark in domestic ticket sales. With overseas sales adding $756.2M, Titanic's worldwide gross is now up to a staggering $1.25 billion and still climbing (see International).
Mar 29, 1998:
THIS WEEKEND With 11 Oscars on board, Titanic sailed to victory again and spent its fifteenth consecutive weekend at number one at the box office. But it was not an easy victory as the 20th anniversary rerelease of Grease gave the doomed ship a run for its money. Paramount, which distributes both films, released final figures on Monday that put Titanic at $15.2M while the 1978 musical grossed $12.7M. Also, on Thursday March 26, in its 98th day of release, Titanic crossed the $500M mark in domestic ticket sales and now stands at $515.3M as of Sunday night.
Its Academy Award sweep on Monday night seemed to have little or no discernible effect on ticket sales as the film was down 11% from last weekend. Titanic has been edging just 2% or so these last couple of weekends so this latest dropoff was definitely heavier and it was the steepest decline for the Oscar winner in five weeks. Still, the global behemoth continues to romance moviegoers and will hit $600M in about a month.
However, Grease was the box office champion on Friday as it outperformed Titanic by 47%. But strong Saturday business brought the James Cameron film back as it was up 73% from Friday while Grease did not keep up and dropped 32% from Friday. It seemed that fans of the John Travolta-Olivia Newton John musical rushed out on opening day leaving a much smaller audience left for the rest of the weekend. Friday's sales accounted for an extraordinarily high 48% of Grease's weekend tally but only 27% of Titanic's indicating much more consistent business over the three-day period. Titanic's heart will go on as it aims to tie E.T. next weekend with sixteen total weekends at number one. Standing in its way, though, will be the openings of Universal's Bruce Willis thriller Mercury Rising and New Line's Lost in Space which has an excellent chance at debuting at number one.
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2015.10.09 18:21 GoddammitCricket The Cricket's Box Office Preview (10/9/15) (TEST)

Matt Damon might have been 140 million miles from home, but he was only $1M away from that sweet, sweet October opening record.
The Martian continued Hollywood's streak of striking rich with space-set dramas released in the fall, as it easily opened #1 with $54M - just a hair short of 2013's $55.7M record set by another stranded-in-space tale, Gravity. With fantastic reviews and no competition this weekend, The Martian should bypass The Bourne Ultimatum's $227M to become Matt Damon's highest grossing movie ever. One of the best reviewed movies of the year, Sicario, expanded wide to over 2,500 theaters and did better than expected with $12M over the weekend. It shouldn't have any problem ending its run around $40M and will factor big into this year's Oscar race. Hotel Transylvania 2 continues to dominate the family market, only dropping 31% for a fantastic $33M second weekend.
This week's wide releases...
Pan (WB) - Warner Brothers looks to cash in on the live-action remakes of classic animated fairy tales with their 2nd attempt in 3 years, as Pan sky-floats its way into over 3,400 theaters. This version of Pan doesn't aim to stray too far from the classic tale, as it follows Peter Pan (played by unknown Levi Miller) who finds himself in Neverland to fight Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) to save the world and Tinkerbell - or something like that, I don't know shit about Peter Pan. Pushed into production not because WB had figured out a new spin on a timeless tale, but because WB saw a box office trend and decided to limp their way into the fray (again). Also showing up is Garrett Hedlund as Hook, Rooney Mara as (the traditionally Native American) Tiger Lily, and although they haven't been even hinted at in the marketing plan, apparently Amanda Seyfried and Cara Delevinge also are in this movie.
As noted before, this is indeed WB's 2nd try to break into that sweet live-action fairy tale money - following their bomb two years Jack The Giant Slayer, another unimaginative retelling of a ever-popular children's story. Jack The Giant Slayer reeked with the air of "Who Is This For?", which is rearing its ugly head again with Pan. Jack opened with $27M against very weak competition (the Project X-wannabe with 21 & Over and long-delayed horror sequel The Last Exorcism Part 2) and this weekend, Pan does not have that luxury. The Martian is absolutely dominating the market and Hotel Transylvania 2 has its Adam Sandler paws on the family crowd, and Pan will undoubtedly draw the short end of the stick. Unlike Jack however, Pan will not be playing in 3D as WB cancelled its 3D run days before the release, which just reeks of cutting losses while they can.
WB has been pushing Hugh Jackman's turn as Blackbeard heavily in its advertising, but they seem to forget that Jackman is nowhere near a box office draw without his Wolverine claws. Jackman has only led a non-X-Men film past $100M domestic twice in the last 15 years, 2004's Van Helsing ($51M/$120M) and 2012's Les Miserables ($27M/$148M) - and Pan has neither prime release date that those two enjoyed (1st weekend of the summer and Christmas Day, respectively).
The controversy surrounding the casting of vanilla-milk-and-Wonderbread-tinted Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily hasn't been huge, but I can't imagine it helped awareness of the movie. Director Joe Wright has had to come out publicly in defense of his decision, but Mara recently apologized for taking the part, saying she "felt bad about it" and initially wanted no part of the role.
Pan trailer
The Prediction: Pan will fail to attract audiences of any kind, making WB 0 for 2 with their fairy tale adaptation attempts. It will open to only $19M, grabbing 4 Top 5 points, 1 PTA point, and topping out at $51M - good enough to guarantee we won't be getting a sequel centering on Hedlund's Hook as the villain.
Note: The Walk will expand into non-IMAX theaters to make room for Pan into 2,500 theaters. Seeing how bad it bombed in its IMAX-only run, I can only see JGL's French accent grossing $3M this weekend, making it a bomb of the highest degree. Broad Green Pictures will expand its critically acclaimed festival darling, 99 Homes, into mini-wide release with a theatre count of roughly 700. It has an outside chance of breaking $1M, if it plays well.
This week's limited release...
Steve Jobs (Universal) - After a long and tumultuous trop from page to screen that was laid bare for the world to see in last year's Sony hack, Danny Boyle's biopic of one of America's most famous and most divisive figureheads of the last half century, Apple CEO Steve Jobs. People loved to love Jobs, and even more people (probably Android users) loved to hate the man behind the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Siri, Apple TV, and the most popular laptops on college campuses, the the Apple Macbook. Steve Jobs, scripted by Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), takes a non-traditional look at the innovator's life, using three major events of his career as a microcosm of the man himself instead of the typical two hour compression of a subject's entire life. The film will see Jobs (played by Oscar-nominee and date-r of Alicia Vikander, Michael Fassbender) as he introduces the Macintosh in 1984, the NeXt computer in 1988, and the iMac in 1998 - filled with flashbacks and flash forwards in between. The film currently sits at 91% on RT and co-stars Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, Katherine Waterson, and Seth Rogen as The Woz.
Universal will be opening Steve Jobs in a prime 4 theaters this weekend in NY and LA, before slightly expanding next weekend and going fully wide on Oct. 23rd. Not too long ago, it would've been Sony releasing this film this weekend, but in a very different form. Probably the biggest non-The Interview story that came out of last year's Sony leaked emails, the entire industry poured through exec's communications as they desperately tried to put this film together in its original iteration: directed by David Fincher and starring Christian Bale as Jobs. But when Angelina Jolie convinced Fincher to direct her Cleopatra film instead (with former Sony head Amy Pascal calling her a "stuck up bitch" in the process"), Bale passed on the film as did Sony's second choice - Leonardo DiCaprio. Sony shut the film down and Universal quickly snapped the script up, slotting in Danny Boyle as director and Fassbender as Jobs. This fiasco brought the film national attention before it was even done filming, and will probably move the needle in the right direction at the box office.
Unlike the ill-fated Ashton Kutcher starrer from 2013, Universal is selling Steve Jobs on its unique layout and an All-Star cast - not just a look alike in recreations of famous photos. The film was the centerpiece of this year's New York Film Festival and amassed rave reviews soon thereafter - particularly for Fassbender's turn and Sorkin's 200+ page script, both of which figure to feature at this year's Oscars. Almost a lock for 10 PTA points, Steve Jobs will also open wide against a weak field of long delayed genre films and another Paranormal Activity that absolutely no one is anticipating. Depending on how the holdovers from the 16th hold, it has an outside chance of grabbing #1 at the box office. The comparison Universal would like is 2011's The Social Network ($22M/$96M), which would've easily been attainable had they stayed with the wide release this weekend. But opening only two weeks before Spectre will cut into its legs deeply.
Steve Jobs trailer
My predictions for the weekend of October 9th-11th:
  1. The Martian - $38M
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2 - $22M
  3. Pan - $19M
  4. Sicario - $7M
  5. The Intern - $6.5M
This week in Box Office History...
1994 - The world was given proof that wunderkind director Quentin Tarantino wasn't a one-hit, blood-soaked wonder when Pulp Fiction was released unto the movie going public. It opened to #1 with a $9M weekend starting a 5 weeklong Top 5 streak, ending up with $107M as the 10th highest grossing film of the year and 7 Oscar nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture. It also cemented Samuel L. Jackson and resurrected John Travolta as movie stars and each were Oscar-nominated, but strangely enough neither has been nommed since. Wes Craven's New Nightmare, a Nightmare on Elm Street reboot of sorts, opened to $6 at the #3 spot, and the best football-themed kids movie of all time, Little Giants, could only muster a #5 opening with $4M.
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2015.05.29 22:53 TheSeaOfThySoul TIFU by having a crush on a girl.

Obligatory "this happened years ago, blah blah" message here.
I was reminded of this today, when I thought about the biggest screw-up of my life when posed the question, "What was your biggest FML moment?", this isn't even a moment, it's a whole chapter of my life.
I pulled this memory from the deepest sanctum of my memory vault, and I aim to put it back there.
For the purposes of this story, we'll call the girl "Kate Winslet", and we'll call myself.. "Leonardo DiCaprio".. Because I don't win the Oscar in this story.
Here is my story...
When I was in highschool, around 15/16 (I'm 20), I had a massive crush on a girl in the year above me, I feel we clicked pretty well.
We were both music students, and we spent our lunchtimes in the music classrooms jamming away, I was a guitarist, Kate Winslet was a singer, a winning combination!
We were into a lot of the same things, and all that mumbo-jumbo and things that make good relationships, yadda yadda. I'd catch her staring at me, we'd lock eyes, and she'd smile.. That was a smile that would've made anyone who saw it fall in love.
It certainly wasn't a one-sided thing like most high-school crushes, lets just say that there was music in the air.
Here is where things get interesting... I start hearing rumours that Kate Winslet is into some guy, and I hear these rumours for around a week, when one day I catch the guys name..
It's.. Leonardo DiCaprio!!!
Rewind the tape!
Leonardo DiCaprio!!!
As you can imagine, I'm somewhat over the moon. I bottle up my courage for about 2 weeks until I have enough courage points to cash them in and seal the deal.
I'm sitting in the library when her and her friends come in, we exchange pleasantries as you do and afterwards I begin to open my mouth to say, "Hey Kate Winslet, mind if I talk to you outside for a bit?", eager to just do it before I lose my courage, when suddenly her friend says, "So how long have you two been dating now?", gesturing to me and Kate Winslet, and I suddenly can't even.
Kate Winslet laughs awkwardly and says, "It's not this Leonardo DiCaprio, he's from another school".
Rewind the tape again.
"Not this Leonardo DiCaprio, he's from another school".
At this point, I pretty much die internally.
This probably wouldn't have been as much of a blow if I was called "John Smith", but I'm not, my first name is so rare that I've only ever known one other person with that name; the man who stole my girl..
My second name? Only ever seen it on a few people, my family for a start, and the man who stole my girl.
As you can imagine, this created incredibly awkward tension between me and Kate Winslet, we stopped hanging out because we were bombarded with people who didn't know the truth, and it was like all the suffering was crushing me.
I had people coming up to me and talking to me as if I was dating her and every day I had to be reminded that I lost out to "myself".
People always wonder how rumours can hurt people, well this is how;
Take a tablespoon of embarrassment, add an ounce of regret, 3 cupfuls of lost opportunities, a dash of rumours and a heaping, barrel-full of ignorance. Mix thoroughly and spread everywhere the eye can see.
Fast-forward a while, and she had broke up with the other Leonardo DiCaprio, it was the same year, and I respectfully waited for her to get over him before asking her out, and saying how I'd felt all this time.
Alas, Kate Winslet already hooked up with someone else in the time I'd waited, she was really sorry, she knew I liked her from before, but perhaps she couldn't get over the incident either.
They were pretty happy together, and I was happy for her. I just moved on, we talked but tried to keep our distance.
A few months after this, she starts skipping school, feigning illness, etc. and I even heard rumours that she'd started smoking, which may have just been malicious rumours, it's how high school students are.
Eventually I heard that she had split with her boyfriend, and her friends talked about it quite somberly, as if it really hit her hard, and I thought that much was obvious, I thought it explained her recent behaviour.
I break my distancing to comfort her, I thought perhaps we could both put aside the awkward "name incident" and just be friends again.
I was there to be her shoulder to cry on, and she did a lot of it. I never brought up her break up, until one day..
A while had passed since they broke up, maybe around a month or so, and when I felt she was a little happier, I asked her why they broke up, it seemed like they were happy together for a long time, the break-up was just so sudden.
He had died, it was a car accident.
She didn't speak to me again after I asked her that, and this memory became that, a memory.
Thanks for listening to the biggest fuck-up of my life so far.
She may have been the first girl I ever loved.
TL;DR: Crushed on a girl, found out she liked "me", turns out it was someone with the exact same name, after a couple rocky relationships on her end, I end up comforting her about her last "break up". Turns out it wasn't a break up, her boyfriend had died in an accident, and she never spoke to me again.
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2015.05.26 03:47 mookiebomber This year [2015] in film should be an unforgettable one. Here's a list of 35 movies to be released in the upcoming months.

Every year we see dozens upon dozens of films released. Lately -- the past four years to be exact -- we have seen some great years in film. 2015 looks to be no different from the previous years. I will list some of the films that I am hoping to see, and hopefully some more get added by some of you as well, I will continue to edit the thread if it has some success to be used as a guide for the year. I see some great directors releasing films, some great actors as well, and hopefully we get a year of many, many Oscar-worthy films. I will write a brief thought for some of them to hype up their release as well.
  1. The Walk (Robert Zemeckis): Zemeckis who directed the Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, Contact, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, etc. Brings us his version of the famous story of the french high-wire artist Philippe Petit, as he attempts to cross the Twin Towers back in the 1970s. "Flight," was his last release in 2012.
  2. The Sea of Trees (Gus Van Sant): The man who directed Good Will Hunting, tells a story of a suicidal man (Matthew McConaughey) who travels to Aokigahara; the suicide forest.
  3. Everest (Baltasar Kormakur) A thriller starring the always underrated Jake Gyllenhaal based on the non-fiction book "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer. Think "Into the Wild," but with Mt. Everest as the setting.
  4. Spectre (Sam Mendes) The man who brought us, "American Beauty," and the greatest modern Bond;"Skyfall," will again direct a surely beautiful film.
  5. Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg) Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg doing a thriller? If it's half of what "Catch Me If You Can," was, then sign me up!
  6. Black Mass (Scott Cooper) the same Scott Cooper who directed "Crazy Heart," that finally won Jeff Bridge's his oscar, now directs a biopic. The true story of Whitey Bulger. Who? I don't know either, but I can't wait to find out about him. Just looking at the cast, it will perhaps be a good one. Johnny Depp, Dakota Johnson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Juno Temple, etc.
  7. Love & Mercy (Bill Pohlad) I'm a huge Brian Wilson fan, and it is a biopic about him, so that's that.
  8. By the Sea (Angelina Jolie) Brad Pitt stars in a drama about a couple that travel France together in the 1970s.
  9. The Revenant (Alejandro González Iñárritu) Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio starring in a movie by the current holder of every Oscar. I will not skip this one.
  10. The Martian (Ridley Scott) You've seen the pictures and if you don't know anything about Ridley Scott, you might as well just take my word for it. He makes great movies.
  11. Self/less (Tarsem Singh) I'm fascinated by the whole /singularity and /futurology thing. So here's a movie with a great story it seems, and it should explore some very interesting topics as well. It even starrs Ben Kingsley. This should be good.
  12. Snowden (Oliver Stone) A movie about Edward Snowden, starring Gordon-Levitt, and directed by Oliver Stone. I'm thinking a modern-day "JFK;" a political thriller that will answer a lot of questions for sure.
  13. Joy (David O. Russell) Russell returns to his winning formula of Cooper, Lawrence and De Niro. This time he tells the story of a family that goes through four generations. Expect a huge successful drama with this one, and his always spectacular soundtracks.
  14. Concussion (Peter Landesman) Football is a great theme, and an NFL drama starring Will Smith, should be a blockbuster. Not to mention some of my favorite actors are in it; Albert Brooks, Alec Baldwin, Paul Reiser and Luke Wilson is rumored to play Roger Goodell. Sounds exciting.
  15. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (J.J. Abrams) You can come up with a thought of your own for this one.
  16. In the Heart of the Sea (Ron Howard) A biographical disaster drama-thriller in the 1820's. From the man who brought us "Rush," as his last theatrical release.
  17. Secret in their Eyes (Billy Ray) A remake of the famous ritically acclaimed Argentine film El Secreto de Sus Ojos. Oh if by the way you haven't seen it, please do. Ricardo Darín is splendid in it.
  18. Rock the Kasbah (Barry Levinson) Perhaps it won't be as great as some of the films listed, but it does have Bill Murray in it.
  19. Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle) A very anticipated film, set to be released in October. Directed by the incredible Danny Boyle, it tells the story of Steve Jobs. Hopefully it does indeed tell his story in an honest, unmerciful way, that could make this movie very special if it does. It stars Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and a surprise casting of Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak. If he pulls it off, he could get some love in the awards season. It is not often that we get to see Seth in a biopic drama.
  20. Pan (Joe Wright) A blockbuster, and a story that's been told in every decade it seems, so we'll see if Wright can take advantage of his cast and a great story.
  21. Adam Jones (John Wells) The cast attracts me, the story doesn't provide much; A chef assembles a crew together in an attempt to create the best restaurant ever, per IMDb;
  22. Sicario (Denis Villeneuve) The man who gave us "Prisoners," tells a story of a carter hitman in a border town. It has Josh Brolin in it, and Benicio del Toro. It can be great.
  23. The Visit (M. Night Shyamalan) Hasn't really live-up to his Sixth Sense potential, but still, he deserves a mention in the list.
  24. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation (Christopher McQuarie) Nothing more than a summer blockbuster film, but Tom Cruise is always very entertaining.
  25. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Guy Ritchie) Who doesn't love Snatch? Hopefully this one lives up to his older releases.
  26. No Escape (John Erick Dowdle)
  27. Trainwreck (Judd Apatow)
  28. Masterminds (Jared Hess)
  29. Creed (Ryan Coogler)
  30. Crimson Peak (Guillermo del Toro) The other famous Mexican director has a movie this year as well. Hopefully it can become more than just a date-flick.
  31. Ricki and the Flash (Jonathan Demme) The director of "Silence of the Lambs," and the Oscar-magnet Meryl Streep working in a very unusual story of an aging musician who wants to be a rock and roll star? Surely it can't be that bad.
  32. The Gift (Joel Edgerton)
  33. Southpaw (Antoine Fuqua) A boxing film by the man who once directed, "Training Day." It stars Jake Gylenhaal and Rachel McAdams.
  34. The Danish Girl (Tm Hooper) Eddie Redmayne plays a man/woman Lili Elbe. This one is actually inspired by a true story, and it has oscar nomination written all over it for Redmayna again.
  35. Demolition (Jean-Marc Vallée) Another film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, this time a drama, and directed by the same director of "Dallas Buyers Club."
  36. The Hateful Eight (Quentin Tarantino) The movie that was leaked. And no, it wasn't Snowden. Perhaps Mr. Orange? So the script is out, but the fans are still waiting for the actual film to be released.
  37. Jurassic World (Colin Trevorrow) Come on, who doesn't love the original? Steven Spielberg, directing one of the greatest American films ever. Using what it is perhaps the greatest CGI to date, and a film score for the ages. Those are some very big shoes to fill.
  38. Inside Out (Peter Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen) A very ambitious story if you ask me. It can potentially work out as a very original and enjoyable family for all ages.
  39. The Good Dinosaur (Peter Sohn)
  40. Triple Nine (John Hillcoat)
  41. The Intern A Nancy Meyers film you say? Sure, I respond. "The Parent Trap," and "The Holiday," are both great, timeless family movies. Will look forward to this one.
  42. Trumbo (Jay Roach)
  43. Carol (Todd Haynes)
  44. Goosebumps (Rob Letterman) Could be a great adventure movie for the young ones.
  45. Straight Outta Compton (F. Gary Gray] The story of N.W.A. produced by Ice Cube, unfortunately he isn't featured in the cast. Hopefully we get a cameo.
Edit: Added #36 to #45. Thanks to GamingTatertot Dazed_Cactus MarioMoon for the suggestions and the reminders.
So those are the 35 45 films that I am looking forward to, the most. I Can't wait to watch every last of them.
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2013.11.20 23:22 cawex How to get the values from a json array.

Hey guys. So i'm trying to use this movie api "http://mymovieapi.com/", for a my own little fun project, and i have this code:
"; print_r($info); echo "
"; ?> Wich outputs:
Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [rating_count] => 493949 [genres] => Array ( [0] => Drama [1] => Romance ) [rated] => PG-13 [language] => Array ( [0] => English [1] => French [2] => German [3] => Swedish [4] => Italian [5] => Russian ) [rating] => 7.6 [country] => Array ( [0] => USA ) [release_date] => 19980403 [title] => Titanic [year] => 1997 [filming_locations] => Santa Clarita, California, USA [imdb_id] => tt0120338 [directors] => Array ( [0] => James Cameron ) [writers] => Array ( [0] => James Cameron ) [actors] => Array ( [0] => Leonardo DiCaprio [1] => Kate Winslet [2] => Billy Zane [3] => Kathy Bates [4] => Frances Fisher [5] => Gloria Stuart [6] => Bill Paxton [7] => Bernard Hill [8] => David Warner [9] => Victor Garber [10] => Jonathan Hyde [11] => Suzy Amis [12] => Lewis Abernathy [13] => Nicholas Cascone [14] => Anatoly M. Sagalevitch ) [plot_simple] => A seventeen-year-old aristocrat, expecting to be married to a rich claimant by her mother, falls in love with a kind but poor artist aboard the luxurious, ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic. [poster] => stdClass Object ( [imdb] => http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5B[email protected]@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_.jpg [cover] => http://imdb-poster.b0.upaiyun.com/000/120/338.jpg!cover?_upt=68145c4e1385028451 ) [runtime] => Array ( [0] => 194 min ) [type] => M [imdb_url] => http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120338/ [also_known_as] => Array ( [0] => Tai tan ni ke hao ) ) ) 
So my question is, how can take the values from this array and output it as normal text? so i can style the text as normal etc. like language: and then it will output English, French, German, Swedish, Italian and Russian.
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. - YouTube Kate Winslet Remembering Her First Meeting With Leonardo ... Kate Winslet lloró de amor por Leo DiCaprio - YouTube Something's gotta give / Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Kate Winslet Adorably Tears Up During Leonardo DiCaprio's ... 'Titanic' reunion! Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet ... Proof that Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet 's friendship ... Who Does Kate Winslet Choose: Leonardo DiCaprio or Theo ...

Latest news about Kate Winslet Leonardo DiCaprio dating ...

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. - YouTube
  2. Kate Winslet Remembering Her First Meeting With Leonardo ...
  3. Kate Winslet lloró de amor por Leo DiCaprio - YouTube
  4. Something's gotta give / Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
  5. Kate Winslet Adorably Tears Up During Leonardo DiCaprio's ...
  6. 'Titanic' reunion! Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet ...
  7. Proof that Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet 's friendship ...
  8. Who Does Kate Winslet Choose: Leonardo DiCaprio or Theo ...

HEY! Hope you like this video! :* Love ya :* :* :* FOLLOW ME: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoon.k.itten/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Leonard... Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s friendship is still going strong, as the pair were pictured holidaying together in the South of France. It is 20 years since Titanic came out. I sat down with Kate Winslet to talk about her friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio and her memories from the movie. Her ... 'Ni te imaginas cuánto te amo' Entre lágrimas, Kate Winslet hizo públicos sus sentimientos hacia el hombre que marcó su vida: Leo Dicaprio. Desde aquella épo... Who would Kate Winslet pick — Leonardo DiCaprio during his Titanic days or hunky newcomer Theo James in Divergent? We asked Kate to make a difficult choice w... More Celebrity News http://gossiphotlist.com For More Gossip Hot List’s Latest News: Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtilwT9ddyUvCAJv4nRSOg W... More from Entertainment Tonight: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdtXPiqI2cLorKaPrfpKc4g?sub_confirmation=1 The 'Titanic' co-stars spent almost the whole ni... Leo and Kate great chemistry together has been an Aww for everyone ️