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Symbology & Names

2019.01.03 05:16 Aneris23 Symbology & Names

Contains some [Spoilers].
Hi! Binged it in the inbetween years twilight. I noticed a lot of names give away hints (or red herrings), but I saw not all that much discussion, but being a year late, that might be all said and done and archived somewhere.
Here go clues I found, anyway:
Above all, it appears to be an alchemical work of art, citing Wikipedia:
1) images made within the alchemical culture proper; 2) genre images which portray alchemists and their environment; 3) religious, mythological or genre images which appropriate alchemical ideas or motifs as a kind of Panofskian ‘disguised symbolism’; 4) and images which show structural affinities with alchemy without iconographically alluding to it.
That’s it for now. I guess looking up more names will yield more.
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