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New and returning shows for the week of Oct. 10th

2016.10.10 21:26 NicholasCajun New and returning shows for the week of Oct. 10th

Monday (Oct. 10th)


A group of students trapped in a high school must fight for survival when predatory mutant freaks take over after a meltdown at the local chemical plant.
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N/A Hulu 12:00 AM N/A

Vice News Tonight

The first news program of its kind to air on HBO, VICE News Tonight provides an indispensable source of up-to-date news to viewers who have grown increasingly skeptical of the daily broadcast news format. Under the leadership of VICE EVP Josh Tyrangiel, each half-hour edition of VICE News Tonight will feature the unique brand of intrepid, investigative journalism and hard-hitting storytelling that HBO viewers have grown to expect from VICE in its Friday-night VICE weekly shows. Airing five nights a week, the newscast will break major stories while engaging its audience in an entertaining and provocative way. Distinguishing itself from the format of traditional daily TV newscasts, the show has no anchor, and instead utilizes correspondent-reported field pieces, newsmaker interviews and profiles, animation and graphics, and "from-the-desk" reports.
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/ViceNews HBO 7:30 PM N/A


Tuesday (Oct. 11th)

American Housewife

Originally titled The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport, the comedy focuses on Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) and her family as they try to fit in with the wealthy people of Westport, Connecticut.
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/AmericanHousewife ABC 8:30 PM 66/100

Channel Zero

The anthology series will feature a creepypasta, a horror story usually based on user-created images or other media shared on the internet (Slender Man is a well-known example). In season one, child psychologist Mike Painter (Paul Schneider) becomes suspicious that an 1980s children's show called Candle Cove may be behind the disappearance of several children, including his twin brother years ago when more children begin disappearing in his hometown.
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/ChannelZero SyFy 9:00 PM N/A


Thursday (Oct. 13th)

Falling Water

Three individuals (Lizzie Brochere, David Ajala and Will Yun Lee) slowly realize they are having dreams that may be a part of a single dream with clues to the world's fate in this thriller from Henry Bromell, Blake Masters and Gale Anne Hurd.
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/FallingWaterTV USA 10:00 PM N/A


Friday (Oct. 14th)


The David E. Kelley legal drama co-written with Jonathan Shapiro focuses on alcoholic, down-and-out attorney Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) who sees a chance for redemption with a wrongful death case against an aerospace company represented by his former law partner (William Hurt) and the law firm he co-founded (and was fired from).
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/GoliathTV Amazon 12:00 AM N/A

Haters Back Off

Untalented Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger-Evans) seeks to convince the world she is a great singer with the help of her Uncle Jim (Steve Little), her mother, Bethany (Angela Kinsey), and her best friend/neighbor, Patrick (Erik Stocklin), in this comedy based on the YouTube character created by Ballinger-Evans.
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/HatersBackOff Netflix 3:00 AM N/A


Sunday (Oct. 16th)

Berlin Station

CIA analyst-turned-field-officer Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) arrives in Berlin and is assigned to discover the identity of a whistleblower going by the name Thomas Shaw with the help of his old friend and veteran agent Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans).
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/BerlinStation EPIX 9:00 PM N/A


In the adaptation of the Norwegian drama Øyevitne, two teenage boys named Lukas (James Paxton) and Phillip (Tyler Young) try to avoid a killer and keep their relationship secret after witnessing a brutal quadruple murder.
Subreddit Network Airtime (ET) Metacritic
/EyewitnessTV USA 10:00 PM N/A


Former President Richard Graves (Nick Nolte) seeks to overturn many of his administration's accomplishments just as his wife Margaret (Sela Ward) decides she wants to run for office.
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N/A EPIX 10:00 PM N/A
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2014.05.01 20:50 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Imran Amed, founder of The Business of Fashion, GQ columnist, and self-proclaimed fashion nerd. Ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-05-01
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Questions Answers
Hello Imran, I really appreciate your website and the way BoF sticks to its values of balanced journalism, which is really rare in fashion industry. You have seen many personalities of fashion and the way the industry works. From there, what is your take on racism in fashion industry? Do you think it still exists? I think, unfortunately, racism still exists everywhere, not just in fashion. We've still got a long way to go before we live in a world truly free of racism.
As for fashion in particular, one of the things I appreciate most of all is that most people in fashion truly celebrate and appreciate diversity.
Hopefully over time, we can play a part in sparking discussions within the the fashion world about why we all need to be conscious of how the actions we take and the decisions we make (say for example within fashion editorials, or runway shows, or in store service) need to be sensitive to everyone. Fashion is a global business and must reflect this.
How did you grow BOF into the business it is, and how did you get taken seriously when first starting out? BoF started as a passion project, not as a business. This enabled me to focus on creating the best content possible, and focusing on the things that were interesting to me. The content acted as viral social objects that people would share, and then spread on social media, which further built the BoF community and the BoF brand.
Regarding getting taken seriously, this was a real challenge. I was a former McKinsey consultant with no previous experience in fashion, so I tried as hard as I could to learn as much about fashion as possible. I am very lucky that I had good teachers (my fashion friends) and an insatiable appetite for learning about fashion and the people who work in the industry. I built my knowledge base one conversation at a time, and this helped me build a mental map of the fashion world and how 'the business of fashion' really works.
I work in marketing at ANN INC. but am interested in foraying into luxury marketing. Is an MBA necessary? Or are MBA's useless in the fashion world since it's all about whom you know? An MBA can be very useful for two reasons.
1) To accelerate your exisiting career path by helping you to develop general management skills (which can also enable you to demand a higher salary)
2) To pivot from your existing career path and do something completely different.
I went and did my MBA wanting to pivot, but ended up going back into management consulting. It was only years later that I managed to make the switch.
In your case, you will need to think about what additional skills you need to move into luxury marketing and decide whether an MBA can help you get there. Increasingly, I believe MBAs are seen as valuable in fashion, as long as you can understand the unique dynamics and culture of the fashion industry.
And to your point about knowing people -- yes that can always helps you to get a meeting, but at the end of the day it is going to come down to your skillset and resume to get the job.
What is the biggest set back you have faced in your career and how did you respond to it? What lessons did you learn that have helped you reach where you are today? Thank you! My first risky venture post-McKinsey, a fashion incubator, only lasted 9 months. It taught me a lot about picking the right business partner, about how important timing can be in setting up a successful business, and how you can always bounce back if you really know what your own talents are and believe in yourself. I also learned so much about fashion in those 9 months that helped build a foundation for a knowledge base about fashion.
Which (if any) of the old cliches/rules of thumb should no longer apply? (e.g. no white after labor day) I don't believe in fashion rules, except that you should always be yourself and dress in a way that is appropriate to the context and culture. Be yourself and don't worry about old-fashioned rules!
, fellow Canadian! Secondly, I love that you would do something like this. Very smart and inspiring. I don't know that I have a question so much as a need for advice. I have a fashion design concept, a plan to implement it and (most) of the skills needed to see it through. I've been reading/watching tons on 99u, TED, and BOF and there is a lot of info and strategy for getting over that fear of failure. Its not so much the fear of failure for me, its the fear of becoming broke after quitting a day job to follow a dream that might fail. Any advice or strategies for overcoming this? Do you think having a year long break and a failed business looks better on a resume than not trying at all? How would you have proceeded if BOF had not been such a success? My first entrepreneurial venture failed, and making the decision to leave a secure job was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because I too was afraid of failure -- sometimes I am still afraid of failing! But, in all honesty, that initial decision to set up my own company, while not ultimately successful, was the best decision I have ever made, and now, when presented with a safe path or a risky, exciting path, I almost always choose the risky path. Taking risks is like anything else in life...the more you do it, the easier it becomes.
Hi Imran, simple question...what are you wearing right now? Phillip Lim trousers, Phillip Lim shirt and my favourite blazer from a small Japanese brand called ICHO, along with some TODS Recode Boots.
Hello, I love BoF! I've been following for a while now. As for department stores, they are in a very challenging position and will need to reinvent themselves to maintain their relevance in the digital age, when everything is available online.
I am an incoming buying intern for Saks. Any advice for getting the full time offer? What is your opinion on the future of Saks and Neiman Marcus as luxury power players in the fashion market? Especially now that saks Has new leadership? As an intern, if you can make yourself indispensable, they will keep you. Work as hard as you can and show initiative and dedication to your work. And, always be a nice person. That counts too.
I was wondering as to what is your specific take on fashion blogging? I know that BoF prides itself on being analytical and objective about portraying business news, so what are the pros and cons of fashion blogging as a form of media? Is fashion blogging a sustainable part of the fashion industry or is it merely a trend? I think fashion blogging is here to stay, but as so many people are now launching fashion blogs, it is harder and harder to create something that stands out amidst all the noise.
Hi Imran! Powerpoint slides can be very creative. I am currently an analyst working at McKinsey and searching for a secondment in fashion. Any advice on how to break into the industry? Get to know the industry and how it works, and especially understand the culture, the creativity and the various functions of fashion so you can see where you might best fit in. Get to know as many people as possible, ask lots of questions.
Check out this article that I wrote on this very topic: Link to
Hello Imran, As you have interviewed and met many of the successful forces behind the worlds most revered fashion houses. In your opinion what skills make a good leader within a fashion house, and who has been the most inspiring person you have met during your career? Good leaders within fashion must have an appreciation of both the commercial and creative aspects of the industry, and increasingly, an understanding of how technology is transforming the way the industry works.
One of the most inspiring people I have been lucky to get to know is Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net a Porter. She has always encouraged me to pursue BoF as a business, not just a hobby. It took me a few years to build up the confidence and courage to this, but Natalie played a key role in helping me to get there. She is wonderful and amazing.
Hi Imran. BOF is great, I read it almost daily! I am kind of new to the sector, just finished an MBA in fashion. My question is how do you see the evolution of Brick & Mortar Retail? And are you bored like me with seeing the same store concept repeated "ad infinitum" the world over? Thanks. Yes, I am totally bored with identikit stores with the same product everywhere. I travel all over the world, and everyone has the same stuff. That's why novel retail concepts, with a unique point of view, and experiential elements are becoming more and more important on the retail landscape. I do most of my shopping online...
Hi Imran,I have noticed your focus on China ,Australia ,Brazil and emerging markets.I was wondering if you have any comments on Africa and it's growth barring South Africa?In terms of its importance to luxury market retailors in the next decade or so? Funny you should mention that! Our Market GPS series, in which we take a look at emerging economies around the world and the opportunities they hold for fashion brands, kicked off with a look at Nigeria: Link to
I would like to know what did you think BOF would become? Did you see it at first as a media company or did you just want to share the business side of fashion and it just took off from there? BoF started as a little passion project from my sofa, once a week or so. I had no idea about the journey it would take me on, and I am enjoying every minute! Start with your passion, align it with your career, and magical things can happen.
My question is about your advice for building awareness for a startup brand - have you seen any really smart examples of how a designer / brand has generated the requisite "buzz" without investing thousands in a PR agency? I live in Notting Hill too! That is where BoF was born.
Any tips for a London-based brand trying to build a following, especially beyond the more obvious social media tactics? Social Media can do amazing things for a young brand, as you can build a direct relationship with the people who are interested in your brand. You don't need millions of followers for this to be effective. It is more about the quality of your followers and fans, than the quantity.
Finally, do you see BoF as having a role in the discovery / showcasing of new and emerging designers? And yes, showcasing new designers/brands have been part of our BoF DNA from the very beginning via our series of Spotlight article showcasing brands and designers that are showing creative and commercial promise. Link to
Hello Imran; I have years of executive level experience in an unrelated field, but really want to break into fashion management. Is this doable with no fashion industry experience? What would you recommend? Thank you so much. I have learned so much from the BoF. I answered a similar question here, hope this helps: Link to
Did you ever think that after working in the corporate world and being an MBA graduate, that you'd end up building such a successful online media company? Did you start blogging for fun, or did you have a clear strategy with what you wanted to achieve? I answered a similar question here, hope that helps: Link to
My question for you is - Given that you've met, and interviewed many successful people in this industry (I'm including you in this category!), are there any particular traits or characteristics that these people may have in common? What I really want to know is whether there are certain attributes that make a person successful in this industry? My answer to this question might help: Link to
Hi Imran. I'm currently a contributing fashion writer for a number of sites and am becoming increasingly interested in the business side of the industry that you cover. Will the BoF team be expanding any time soon? I also think the careers system you just launched is great - a real help to people. Will there be any more introductions like this to BoF in the future? We are always looking for new contributors. Please email [email protected] with a CV and story ideas.
I love your newest launch BoF Careers, I think its a great idea! However, when I was checking it out I was disappointed to see you don't really have any partner in the west coast and don't have ANY job posting in Los Angeles - are you planning to expand your partner group? Yes, stay tuned. We will have more job opportunities from all over the world. Our first set of launch partners is only the beginning.
Hello Imran In your opinion are the fashion schools able to answer to industry demands? And what do you think about the young generation's preference on getting head office jobs on buying or marketing instead of evaluating a start for their careers on retail/sales where there are opportunities? 1) Some are often sorely lacking in business training, focused solely on the creative elements of fashion, operating in vacuum from all of the other elements that make the fashion industry tick.
2) Others are too commercial and don't give designers enough time to develop a creative point of view...
The right balance between commerce and creativity is key! Plus, there needs to be more education on how technology is changing fashion and how these tools can be used to streamline the industry and amplify and aid in the creative process.
Imran, I am one of the founders of Lola Getts Active, think Lululemon but for plus size. Although some of your articles do not pertain to our demographic there are many that are technically based towards E-Commerce. Are you planning on doing a segment on the plus size community and the enormous opportunity it offers manufacturers and retailers? Last November we featured an op-ed on the opportunity in the market for plus-size fashion. Check it out here: Link to
Why are starting salaries still so low in the fashion industry, even in luxury brands, when there is so much emphasis on employees dressing well and looking fashion-forward? There seems to be a disconnect. Will this ever change in the future? I think it might be a question of supply and demand. With so many people who want to work in fashion, and few opportunities, companies don't need to pay high salaries to attract good talent? That is just a hypothesis...but I don't know for sure.
As for dressing fashion forward, being fashionable doesnt necessarily require a lot of money -- it requires a good sense of style and the ability to put together a good look from what you have.
What did you think about what Lawrence Lenihan said in his op-ed about the end of $1 billion fashion brands? What do you think the dominant business structure for fashion designers going forward will be? Link here for the article. Link to Lawrence is an amazing Op-Ed writer because he takes a very strong position on everything related to entrepreneurship in the fashion sector. I do think that we need to spend less time focusing on building huge businesses, and more time focusing on building great, sustainable businesses!
In all of your research and interviews, have you met any designers that particularly stand out to you in terms of they way they run their business and/or maintain their personal lives? How do you think they manage to be successful on both fronts? Tory Burch has a great balance between her personal and professional lives, and leaves the office at 6pm everyday to spend time with her three sons. This is admirable.
Setting clear professional/personal boundaries is important...
What was the catalyst for you to quit the corporate path at 30 and switch to a less conventional and less secure job in a newly emerging fashion blogging community? I was feeling unfulfilled by my work, and knew somewhere inside of me that if I combined my analytical skills within a creative context, I might be able to find a career path that was more up my alley. I had reached the end of my tether and felt like I had no other option but to try. I am really glad that I did.
Hi Imran, In relation to BOF why is it, considering you've created such an amazing space for intelligent fashion journalism, that you don't pay for the freelance pieces you commission and publish? For a long time, I was not able to pay freelancers as BoF was not run as a business. People contributed from all over the world because they shared my passion for the business of fashion. Today, we do pay our freelancers.
Hello Imran, I had the opportunity to meet you once and really admire your work. It seems that fashion still has a long way to go when it comes to embracing technology and vice-versa. Apple hired former YSL CEO Paul Deneve and Burberry's historic now ex-CEO Angela Ahrendts sending a strong message to both industries. Many people seem to think that their plan is to only launch an i-watch but Apple is known for redefining paradigms and being a trendsetter, not a follower... I truly believe it will be much more than a device: they are most likely aiming for the whole wardrobe. Do you believe that may be the case? If there is a radical shift in the way people dress in the next following years which brands do you see striving and thriving? I have no idea what Apple has up its sleeves, but certainly the recent moves make this a company to watch! (no pun intended)
Hello Imran, I am soon moving to NYC from the Midwest and getting my first job out of college. How would you suggest breaking into the fashion and PR world to start building out contacts and network? I answered a similar question here, hope that is helpful: Link to
Hello Imran, and thanks so much for doing this AMA. You mentioned that BOF started as a passion project. How did you pivot to running it as business, and what was the catalyst? BOF has become my daily and it's honestly indispensable since I decided to change careers and start a luxury label. My decision to focus on BoF full time came as a natural extension of the growth of BoF -- I simply couldn't manage it any more on the very lean infrastructure that I had in place. In order to continue down the journey I had started, I had to dedicate myself to it full time and find the team of people and investors who could help me. I am very lucky and grateful that I have found people who believe in my vision for BoF.
Thank you for reading BoF everyday!
Long time follower. Super excited about the merging of two loves bof and reddit! What fashion business do you think is in trouble? I am watching Mulberry very carefully. They seem to have let a very successful business strategy unravel disastrously. The share price is down over 60% since the arrival (and departure) of the CEO Bruno Guillon who attempted to position the brand's a cautionary tale.
Will Apple's technocratic culture have the patience for Angela Ahrendts? Only time will tell on this. I am keen to see how Angela's contributions at Apple will help to bring a new point of view to what is a very strong culture, with a very 'Jobsian' way of dealing with things. Let's see!
Hi, Imran. How did you navigate forging relationships in the fashion industry? I'm a current economics student looking to bridge that gap. Network, cold call, tell everyone you know you are interested in meeting people who work in fashion. And then ask every person you meet to introduce you to someone else. It's like a snowball!
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2014.04.28 23:47 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are real-life besties Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham. Dish: hit us with your best shot.

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Date: 2014-04-28
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Hey guys! How did you come up with the characters Marissa Wompler and Miss Lissler? Were they around before CBB? My character Marissa Wompler is loosely based off of a character in a sketch show I wrote with Jason Mantzoukas called "I will not apologize." She was Marissa Wompler grown-up, and she had a neck brace, and everyone in Highschool called her "Robo-Cop." So Scott saw me do that character in a show out in LA, and asked if I wouldn't mind doing it for CBB, and I changed the specifics and made her an intern, and I decided to have her live in Marina Del Rey because that was the first place my husband and I stayed when we were looking for a place to stay, we got a hotel on Pricelin e in Marina del Rey, and it was the weirdest collection of sad condos we'd ever seen.
And then I asked Lennon to join me on one of the podcasts, and she came to the table with Charlotte Lissler as a fully-formed character, and literally blew the top of Marissa Wompler's world.
All Jessica asked me was to just play her teacher. And the rest just kind of came out of my crazy mind. When she said she was a sniper in the first Iraq war, I almost had a heart attack because I had no idea how we were going to justify all this insanity, but once I gave into it, it's been a real wild ride.
You guys are awesome. Loved Best Friends forever, glad to see you guys are still working together! This question is for both of you. Which of your past characters is most similar to you? Also, for Jessica, what was it like being on Best Week Ever? Did you interact with the other comedians much? I miss that show! OK so the first part of the question is: I am most like my character in Playing House. And I miss doing BWE so much, I actually met one of my closest friends, Melissa Rausch, on that show, and she and Lennon along with my other 2 girlfriends threw my baby shower for me. And Paul F. Tompkins is a dear friend, basically, everyone on that show - Pete Holmes, I just love them all, it's like a little comedy nerd fraternity /sorority.
Probably my character Lennon from Best Friends Forever. She's fiercely loyal, a caretaker at heart...
Will you guys be at the NBCU upfront??? And yes we will be at NBCU Upfonts.
I started at UCB because I was doing stuff at Second City New York, and I met two people there, Leslie Meisel and Molly Prather, who were Harold teams. And they convinced me to start taking classes. And once I was there, that was it. I was UCB for life. And I went to college with Jason Mantzoukas, and he graduated before me and went on to take classes at UCB, this was before they even had their own theater, and he told me how great it was, so when I graduated I moved to NY and followed him around like a little sister, and I knew after my first class that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I just didn't know HOW to do it.
How will y'all get Wompler on the CBB TV Show? Seems like you would need to do an animated episode or a puppet or something due to her physical appearance not resembling Jess at all. You haven't seen my body since I've had the baby. So it might be possible that I appear as Marissa Wompler.
That's not true, everybody just saw your body today on the interwebz. I've been talking to the Choctaw about how to get the Womps on TV. And we're still formulating a plan. But when it does happen, it will most likely make television history.
Jessica- were you shocked by what they did with your character on Review? Lennon- what was it like working on parks and Recreation? I absolutely loved doing Review, because I was asked by the director Jeff Blitz, who also directed the pilot of Playing House, to play the absolute reality of all the insane situations I'm put in. So when Forrest asked me to get a divorce, he said that I should sob, get into the fetal position, whatever it was that you do if your husband of that many years just sprung a divorce on you. It's because of that kind of reality that everyone's playing that I think makes it so funny. Also, Andy Daly is a comedy genius.
So tell me, did you guys have a basic plot line etched out for BFF? (Tell me Jess and Rav were going to get together) Would you mind sharing it? Thanks so much, we can't wait for you to see it. Rav and I were going to get together, but not for a long while. And there would have been a couple of illicit make outs in pantries, maybe at Lennon's rehearsal dinner in a coatroom.
What did you learn from your experience with BFF that might help people in the TV industry today? What advice would you like to have received before or during the making of BFF? Was there anything told to you guys that you wish you listened more closely to? Anything less? One thing we wish we had done more of during BFF is that we wrote all of our guest-star parts with our friends in mind. So we didn't have to cast anybody. And we wrote the parts specifically to the strengths of our friends. And then when they showed up on set, they improvised a ton for us and gave us a million awesome options, so we didn't have to work so hard.
Hi Jess and Len, love you both an unhealthy amount. I know you're probably incredibly busy with your TV show, but have you ever considered hosting a podcast together? There's a corner of the internet that would never stop listening to this hypothetical show. That's so sweet. We have a Womp It Up podcast in the works.
Also, we'd like to live in your corner of the universe. It seems like a place filled with smiles and unicorn magic.
Love you ladies. Thanks to Comedy Bang Bang, I've discovered tons of fantastic female comedians who I would never have heard of. Am looking forward to watching Playing House since I really loved Best Friends Forever (although I hope Playing House airs here in Canada). We have so many fave comedians. Katie Dippold wrote The Heat and she is literally the best writer in the world. Joe Wengert was in our writer's room and he is currently on the Kroll show, and he is the most hilarious guy in the world. Danielle Schneider is a friend of ours who will have a show on Hulu, which is a parody of The Real Housewives, that is going to be next-level-cray. Casey Wilson's in it, Angela Kinsey, Donna Feinglass.
I know Lennon has appeared on CBB in different guises (the radio host comes to mind). Will you ever play a character other than Wompler on that podcast, Jessica? My character range is pretty limited, so I'm not ruling it out. But Wompler's character has really taken over much of my psyche, much like Spider-Man takes over Peter Parker.
I was a HUGE fan of Jessica's digital video series "Choices." Any chance they will make a comeback? Dad, I'm hoping that Choices is done posthumously.
My parents always wanted me to be an anchorwoman, and this was as close as I could get.
Do you want to write a movie in the future? We'd like to write the next "When Harry Met Sally." A movie that people put in on that rainy Saturday and it just makes them feel good.
Jessica loves a dark chocolate or a twix. Even though after she eats it, she gets really mad at herself. I scream at myself "Why did I eat this?!"!"!
When Jessica receives heartfelt praise on twitter, we are made to believe that she starts to cry. This occurs every 20 minutes or so. Jessica, do the tears actually flow? If so... what in your estimation causes them? I'm obviously emotionally unstable.
But I really am so moved by all the nice things that our twitter fans say, and I have found no better way to express it than sobbing openly, usually in the personal care aisle of a CVS.
Question for both of you, who is your favorite person to do improv with (and you can't say each other)? My favorite person to improvise with that's not Lennon is Jason Mantzoukas, who was my first writing partner.
P.s do you guys find it a bit ironic that when Best Friends Forever was on (RIP) you were paired with Betty White's Off Their Rockers and now your AMA is an hour behind Betty White's!?!? Why wont she leave you guys alone? We'll follow Betty White wherever she goes.
To both of you: what percentage of your wardrobe is from Marshall's? You know, we have a really talented wardrobe designer, Beth Morgan, who is phenomenal at making us look really expensive while shopping at places like Marshalls or Nordstrom Rack. She finds all these labels for less. So a good amount of our clothes are from those stores.
Mind you, if we went looking for them, we would never be able to find those treasures.
But in our real-lives, I mostly just shop at Madewell. And Jess window shops at Isabel Marant. They've told me to wipe down the glass after I'm finished drooling on it.
Where did you guys come up with the idea for the show? And it looks hilarious! I can't wait for it. Lennon and I are real-life best friends and we try as much as we can to write about the things that we're actually going through in life. And when we we were sitting down to come up with a new idea, we both had babies on the brain. Neither one of us was pregnant (yet) but I thought "What would it be like if the 2 of us raised a baby together?"
And now, here we are, with babies under 1 years old and a TV show. Our vaginas are so tired.
Longtime Redditor, first time Asker. If you two super-gal-pals (SGPs) could compete in a 3 legged race to the death with another pair of SGPs (fictional or non) who would they be and why? Thanks! I'll take my answer offline. Jessica & Elizabeth from the Sweet Valley High? Because I feel like, especially Jessica, would tire easily, maybe be a little out of shape.
I would say we'd go up against Laverne & Shirley, because it would be an incredible death match. The likes of which hasn't been seen since the Hunger Games.
I told Jessica the plot of the Hunger Games last night, while we walked the streets of NY City at 1 AM and she can't stop talking about Katniss and her skills. Nor could she go to sleep.
Jess - What was it like filming the modern classic "It's Complicated"? I believe that only half of my face is seen in the movie, but being on-set and watching Meryl Streep do anything is pretty much the best thing in the world. And watching Nancy Meyers direct was really inspiring, she is a fabulous female director that knows exactly what she wants, and gets it.
Question for both, what is your favorite sandwich? I love an old school hoagie from the Hershey's deli in WestField, New Jersey, but when I get it home, I put mayo on it in addition to the oil and vinegar it comes with. It's got 8 types of cured meats.
What TV shows do you watch? (If you have time to do so.) I'm on a steady diet of Downton Abbey, Nashville, Review with Forrest MacNeil, Kroll Show, Barefoot Contessa.
We've done 2 comedy bang bangs... And we did the Nerdist podcast, and we're going to be doing an Improv for Humans hopefully next week. And Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.
Well, Jason Mantzoukas plays him on Comedy Bang-Bang with great aplomb. But if I had to cast a real teen, I would put out an open casting call...much the way we found Quinetta for a tall ginger with a rat-like nose.
Just popping in to say I'm still dying for an Anne of Green Gables podcast! Call June Diane and Janet Varney! Make dreams come true! You ladies are stellar! Can't wait to watch tomorrow! Womp it up! You're clearly a kindred spirit. And I will at least gather all of the girls that are obsessed with Anne of Green Gables (including Diablo Cody! who knew?) for a summit / roundtable. Last night, as I was falling asleep, I was wondering what I would do if Megan Follows came to said summit. I would probably pass out.
They are each heavily featured in their own episodes. And one of us tries to make out with each of them. We won't tell you who.
Sometimes we listen to a couple minutes of the last episode right before we tape, but for the most part, we remember it and /or don't remember it. We're such freaks we remember all the bizarre details we've come up with, although sometimes Lennon will remind me that she has a "Joey pocket" of skin that she had "installed" on her ankles, and it's like I've heard it for the first time.
Poor Marissa has done so much past life regressions with Listler during her marathon cocooning sessions that she actually doesn't remember how old she is.
I would probably go into some sort of mid-wifery. Because I find the process of giving birth to be endlessly fascinating and inspiring. I probably would be an anchorwoman. Because I have the hair for it. But I wouldn't be very good at it, since I don't really care for "the news." But my dream is to be a chocolatier, in a small town in Southern France, particularly a town that looks like the town Belle lives in the animated film Beauty & the Beast.
We try to cover all our bases with the comedy. Just do what we know, and let the rest take care of itself. But Broseph, if you can get the word out to other bros, we would very much appreciate it.
Super-fun. Although I was secretly pregnant and trying really hard not to puke on Adam Pally. Just kept eating Nutter Butters. But that's one of my favorite shows. And I'm obsessed with that show, and hope to someday play a clone / empath / secret agent / human robot on that show.
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