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Watches to raise funds for the charity Team Rubicon

2017.11.19 03:34 Minuteman_Actual Watches to raise funds for the charity Team Rubicon

Greetings fellow members. Just wanted to share with all of you that my brand Minuteman is now raising funds for the great charity Team Rubicon.
For each Minuteman RWB, Darby, Alpha, Bravo, Jedburgh, Fury, Sentinel, and Sentinel we sell. Part of the profits will go to the charity. In fact as each watch sells I am getting on the Team Rubicon website and sending them funds so they can start using the money right away.
For those of you that don't know Team Rubicon focuses on serving vulnerable and at-risk populations affected by disaster. While the initial damage and trauma of natural disasters will impact any population regardless of socio-economic factors, the financial burden of recovery and rebuilding has dramatic and long-lasting repercussions on many rural and urban populations lacking proper insurance and public and private resources.
Some of you may be thinking hey aren't these the guys that raise funds for veterans and their families? The great thing about Team Rubicon as it's made up of veterans. In fact here is the idea. The physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness of our country’s returning veterans are of national importance. As our veterans have returned home, many have experienced challenges navigating the transition back into civilian life.
While there are real and difficult issues plaguing our veterans – a lack of resources and understanding around mental health, homelessness, unemployment – Team Rubicon does not see our veterans as broken. At Team Rubicon, veterans are the agent of our mission, not the object.
By engaging our veterans in continued service through disaster response, not only does Team Rubicon provide relief to affected communities, but many veteran volunteers begin to regain the purpose, community, and identity that is difficult to find upon leaving the armed forces.
As such I think this is the most interesting charity we've raised funds for to date.
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2016.03.30 06:04 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm a 94 year old former OSS Staff Sargent in World War II - Part 2 - AMA!

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Date: 2016-03-29
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
After seeing one of the worst aspects of war, do you think humanity should avoid violence at all costs to resolve international conflicts? What are your thoughts on how the U.S ended the war with Imperial Japan? Thank you for your service even after all the secrecy. Women and children were killed when we bombed Japan. I hated that, I don't believe in that. Many US civilians were killed when they attacked us in Pearl Harbor, but that doesn't mean we do the same. What I will say is, and many of you will disagree, I do believe in certain techniques such as waterboarding. I can go on and on about this. Violence will always be part of this world. For international conflict, I wish all of our allies would put 10% - 15% of their troops on the ground, accumulating thousands of soldiers across the board, not just the U.S. Again, I can go on and on about this, it is a hard question to answer.
What is your best/favourite memory from your time in the OSS? Many. But, believe it or not, it has to do with getting Scotch from my sister. I sent a letter to her a few months earlier telling her how things were. I jokingly said I could use some Scotch. To my surprise, 2 months later, I got a package with cans that looked like canned food. I opened it up and it was full of Scotch. Twelve cans! My family is from Monterey, CA and my sister was a good friend of the owner of Hovden Canning Co. where the Monterey Bay Aquarium stands now. She said my brother needs some Scotch, so they canned it.
I'm not too far from Monterey! Are you yourself from Monterey? If so, when is the last time you've visited there? I grew up in Monterey. I now live in Hollister. I am in Monterey at least once a week to visit my late wife, Josephine.
Did you serve on in the OSS after the war as it became the CIA? I served in WWII while it was the OSS under Donovan. The war ended and I was discharged before the OSS was shut down and Truman signed off on creating the CIA.
Speaking of Donovan, I have my book for sale in many local establishments in Monterey and Carmel. A woman approached me while at Cottage Kitchen in Carmel, she looked through my book and started crying saying you know my great grandfather Bill Donovan! We didn't get to speak much at the time, but I am meeting up with her next week for lunch. I can't wait to talk to her.
Hello, and thank you for this "Ask Me Anything". Did you ever go back to France, England or Germany after the war? If so, what was it like? Link to
Is being a spy as cool as it's made out to be? I wasn't 007 with a blonde in each arm. It was war.
Thinking about this again. I did confiscated a few items here and there, that was exciting. When we raided one of the colonel's houses part of Gestapo, I took his gun. It was made by the same gun maker who made guns for Napoleon LePage. Here are a few pictures of it.
Pictures: Link to
Tell your grandson to spell sergeant right. Were you awarded/bestowed/given a Fairbairn-Sykes knife? If so, how highly do you prize it? I trained directly with him. He told me to disarm him and he cut me. The day I shipped out, he called me into his office and said "Cardinalli, take my knife -- you earned it." I carried it with me everyday while overseas. I still have the knife here is a picture of it.
Proof of Knife: Link to
**Grandson here: spelling lesson learned.
Thank you for your service. What was the most high tech gadgets you got to use? We had portable voice radios and portable Morse code radios. But, all of our communication across enemy line was in Morse code. Other than that, it was my .45 pistol, .25 pistol, and Fairbairn knife. Nothing high tech. Unless you consider all the equipment in my jungle medical kit, including cyanide as being high tech.
1) After the War, after the OSS became CIA, were you still part of it with the CIA? 1) I was discharged in October 1945 when it was still officially the OSS. The CIA didn't become official until Truman signed it in 1947. However, If I remember correctly, it already started the transition in July 1945, so there may have been some overlap. I can't remember exactly.
What did your daily diet consist of? There were many days when I had nothing to eat. When I did I ate K-Rations and C-Rations. Mostly K-Rations, because C-Rations was wet food and had to heat them up.
While in Europe, what country did you eat the best in? what country did you eat the worst in? While in Europe during the war, believe it or not, the best place I ate was in England. As soon as I shipped out and landed on Omaha Beach, I was on K and C-Rations.
How was chow back then? Have you had one of the more recent MRE's? K-Rations and C-Rations. I haven't had a current MRE. But, I can't imagine they taste any better. It is food to keep you going.
What was a typical day like for you while serving in the OSS? Any close calls with the enemy like being captured or fired upon? A lot of close calls. Being right there during the Battle of Remagen - Bridge of Remagen across Rhine was very rememberable.
How did serving in the war affect you later in life? It was a different time then. Looking back, it is hard to say. I lived a good and prosperous life.
What sort of information were you looking for? Would it be specific or would it be "let's see what we can find"? We were tasked to gather information about everything and anything we could use. It was very broad.
Thank you for your service! What do you wish the 20-somethings of the world knew about your generation? Good question. Work hard and don't expect a hand out. Keep your head up and don't blame the other guy.
Would you do it all qgain? I'd do it right now, if not sooner. Never a dull moment.
Hey ! Thanks for your service sir ! My question is : is all the hype around spies' gadgets carried by cinema justified by reality ? If so, what's the coolest gadgets you ever used ? Other than portable radios, it was very low tech. We were on the ground and moving around at all times.
Hello, I'm very honored to ask you a question. What was it like being in close combat with the Nazis what is it like coping with the atrocities of war? I think about it now and then. I think about what I saw. But, we had a job to do and that is how I justify it.
I'm not sure if you've already answered this question, but what was your duty during your time with the OSS? I'm taking a course on modern espionage right now and would love to hear what it was like being in the OSS during the war. Outside the the advanced technology we have today, espionage depends on the smarts of people. How do you out smart the other guy. That hasn't changed.
Do you recall a Patrick O'Neal, maybe from Louisiana? He was my grandfather and the family has had suspicions of his involvement with the OSS, and I know this is a bit of a stretch to ask. I don't know him. What what were your suspicions? If you give me more detail maybe I can decipher if he was part of the OSS.
Hello - Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA! Is there any particularly frightening/historically significant moment you were involved in? (asides from the entire war, of course). In enemy territory it was frightening the entire time. Being there when the Bridge of Remagen was captured and blown up.
It's an honour to ask you a question! Did you have any experience with Waffen SS? Can you confirm that their units were one of the most ruthless and brave during combat? I never heard of Waffen SS. The SS was ruthless no matter what unit it was.
What do you think are the main steps we can take to make sure another World War doesn't happen, at least in the foreseeable future? And thanks for taking time out of your day for this!:) Let the leaders fight amongst themselves in a ring, leave the public out of it. There would be no more wars.
Hello Reddit is honored to have you back. My question is why 65 years? Such a specific number to use or did your superiors just pull that number outta their ass? Also, any funny or goofy stories you can recall? In 2008, the US National Archives made everything public, it was okay to speak about it.
Did you participate in any of the Jedburgh operations? If so, what interesting things happened while helping/training/supporting the Partisans? My unit wasn't part of the Jedburgh operations
off, thank you for everything that you did during your service. Just wondering if you've read any of W.E.B. Griffin's novels about WWII and specifically the Men at War series about the OSS. If you have what your thoughts are on them and if you have not, are there any novels you would recommend? I haven't read any of those novels. Sorry, I really don't have any recommendations.
My Uncle Michele was in the OSS, he told me about driving around France in a Blue Ambulance and killing Nazi's with that knife he had... the one with the sheath that looks kind of like a spatula. I know that it's a long shot, but did you happen to cross paths? I don't know him, but it was worth asking.
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2016.02.23 00:10 SuperShibeMeWow Event policy change: Heavy events will now be non-transferable

For those who do not use Facebook, the following was posted on the GRT page. It hasn't made it to the GORUCK site yet:
As you know at GORUCK we love to lead with transparency and this post is no different. We always seek to improve our internal operations so we can better serve GORUCK Nation aka continue to run quality team-building events. Today we are implementing a new policy that directly affects you so I ask that you read this carefully. In the past, we have allowed participants to transfer Heavy events to another heavy event. We are tightening up this policy a bit to avoid last minute cancellations that can be detrimental to the event, particularly for events that require extensive planning like GORUCK Heavy events.
Under the new policy, you can still transfer a Good Livin’ event (Light & Tough) up to 7 days before the start date to a future event credit of equal or lesser value. Events requiring extensive planning such as Selection, Expeditions, Jedburgh, and Firearms days are and will remain non-transferable and non-refundable in all circumstances. Going forward Heavy events will now follow the same rules of being non-transferable and non-refundable in all circumstances. However, don’t worry, we will always make exceptions to this new policy for our military folks whose deployments get in the way of their GORUCK events.
To provide some buy in and reasoning, the Bragg Heavy this past weekend at one point had 150 brave GRTs signed up to embrace the suck for the "King of all rucks" and help us remember Joe. 66 of participants showed up at the start point, which means over half of the class dropped before the event even started. Due to the required planning that goes into these longer events we can no longer authorize transfers out of Heavy events. The 2016 Heavy season has just started and we hope a bunch of you are going to earn your patches this year.
So what does this mean for you? If you currently have an Heavy event that you are unable to redeem for some good livin’, send us an email ( Follow the link below) by Tuesday March 1st 2016: 0900 hours here at GORUCK HQ for a last chance transfer of your event registration for a Heavy event. After that, we will no longer be able to transfer any Heavy registrations. As always thank you for the endless support, love and loyalty. Without all of you, we would not have the ability to do come into work and do what we love to do on a daily basis. GORUCK prides itself on doing right by our customers so we wanted to give you time to adapt to this change.
Contact us here for any questions, comments, concerns and to transfer your Heavy event:
Thanks for your support
-Love Blockus"
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2016.01.11 17:12 reddit_Rucker Jedburgh intel master thread

Very little information exists on the GORUCK Jedburgh events due to both the limited number of events that have been completed and the intentional degree of secrecy that maintained by GORUCK HQ and past participants.
While I see value in the latter, as a potential participant, I also value knowing in advance what I would be subjecting myself to and what I should expect to get in return for my $200 entry fee.
In that spirit I thought I would stop lurking and create a thread that can serve as a place to share intel on GORUCK Jedburgh events.
Event Description The goruck event pages describe it as a..
Two-phased event run by GORUCK Solutions.
Phase 1: Survival skills Students will be given hands-on classes on wilderness survival. After survival training is complete, students will break into 10 person teams to compete in survival task exercises (shelter making, fire starting, food gathering, scavenging, etc.) Take-aways: students will have the understanding of how they can apply small unit tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to their personal and professional lives. Additionally, they will have the ability to 'survive' in a simulated survival scenario.
Phase 2: Alternate Reality Environment missions Participants working in small teams will apply military mission planning principles to complete various missions based on actual OSS/Jedburgh events from WWII. Participants will negotiate with vetted role-players serving as 'local assets' within the scenario to obtain information or materials that will allow for successful completion of the missions. Participants will be tasked to employ paroles and rapport-building techniques in the simulated stressful situations. The culminating exercise (CULEX) will involve splitting the larger group into smaller elements to conduct a coordinated movement.
The Facebook page for the May 2, 2015. Burnet, TX event offered a similar description
GORUCK Jedburgh is a 24-hour event based on exploits of the legendary Jedburghs, one of several clandestine units designed to operate behind enemy lines. The Jedburghs were a creation of the British Special Operations Executive and American Office of Strategic Services. Participants will be trained in the same skillsets as the historic Jeds: partisan linkups, negotiation, retrieval of dead drops, intelligence gathering, asset handling, small unit paramilitary operations, interrogation resistance, and woodland survival.
Upon completion of this old-school spycraft mission, participants will be broken into smaller teams to participate in scenarios based on actual WWII missions that were carried out by the Jedburghs, OSS OG teams, SOE, and the SAS. Participants will be placed in high-stress scenarios that will test their ability to apply the three hallmarks of the Jeds: guts, brains, and savoir-faire.
Packing List (recommended gear) provided by GORUCK: Rucking Gear *Rucksack: Geasupplies only, no additional weight necessary at this time. (GORUCK Original Rucks) *Weight-tested carabiner (Omega Pacific)
Weather-appropriate Clothing *Lightweight moisture wicking base layer long sleeve t-shirt *Lightweight rain shell with hood *Lightweight gloves with good dexterity (Mechanix) *Silk-type underwear (Ranger panties) *Hiking pants *Belt *Hiking boots/leather hunting boots (broken in). Be prepared to cover roughly 20 miles. *Moisture wicking socks, at least 2 pairs (Darn Tough) *Lightweight cap/lightweight moisture-wicking winter hat *Sunglasses * Brown t-shirt (REQUIRED)
Personal Hygiene Kit *Sunscreen *Bug Spray *Chapstick *Medicine/toiletries *Baby wipes
Survival Kit *Knife *Fire starting system *25' paracord *Tarp 5x7 *Contractor Bag 55 gallon *Headlamp with white and red lens, flashing mode *Cotton bandana *Duct Tape (Industrial Grade) *Survival blanket or bivy *Smartphone in waterproof case (Pelican) *3-liter water bladder with valve (Source) *1 32oz water bottle (Nalgene) *Metal canteen at least 32 oz (Kleen Canteen) note: Cadre Troy commented that since this "might get hot" it cannot be substituted by a second plastic bottle. *1 small bottle iodine tabs or tincture of iodine 2% *1 lightweight meal (MRE)
Starting in January 2016 Cadre Troy added a requirement that participants bring a paintball marker and eye protection. The JT ER2 Pump Pistol was listed as being sufficient. Cadre Troy also recommended bringing pen and paper (specifically a Rite in the Rain notepad) and a method of keeping ruck contents dry (dry bags or plastic bags). No team weights or flags needed.
Regarding a knife Cadre Troy has repeatedly posted the following guidance.
Goruckyourself stated in another Jedburgh thread that
nobody really used their bad-ass knives for more than 5min of preparing wood for the fire
That makes me think that a $15 Morakniv knife should be sufficient.
History of the Jedburgh The following have been recommended by Cadre Troy and others as good sources of historical information: Videos Unconventional Warfare Strategies - Negotiation Skills 101 SOE's School for Danger aka "Now It Can Be Told" OSS - Undercover Training Undercover - 1940's American Secret Agent Training / Educational Documentary OSS: Training the Glorious Amateurs Green Berets Project: William Colby Interview WW2: The O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services)
Books Operation Jedburgh: D-Day and America's First Shadow War. By: Colin Beavan The Jedburghs: The Secret History of the Allied Special Forces, France 1944. By: Will Irwin Special Force: Origin And Development Of The Jedburgh Project In Support Of Operation Overlord. By: Major Wyman W. Irwin Misc The Jedburghs
A Jedburgh Tradition
Once at training Area B a Jedburgh tradition was born. Its origin was Fort Benning's parachute school, where an officer trainee had been dropped for 50 push ups, in counting in an rout of the final few repetitions, he said, "forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty," Then jumped to attention and muttered, half under his breath, "Some shit!" Jedburgh veteran John Singlaub described the origin of the tradition that grew from this incident. A guest speaker oratory had exceeded the bounds of Jedburgh patience when a "bizarre chant rose in the rear ranks of the formation. 'forty-eight, a man called forty-nine, two more replied" As the speaker puzzled over the meaningless catcalls and continued his talk, another shouted 'fifty!' Then in unison, all roared "Some Shit!" -The Jedburghs
Get your Some Shit patches here
Jedburgh Standing Orders link 1. Always be prepared. 2. Maintain your situational awareness at all times. 3. Blend in with your surroundings. 4. If you are in charge, take charge. 5. Think, Analyze, Plan and Take Correct Decisive Action. 6. Everything is negotiable, always start the negotiations, never accept the first offer. 7. Admit Nothing. Deny Everything. Make Counter-Accusations. 8. Maintain your cool at all times. 9. Listen to your instincts. 10. Be ready to walk at all times.
History of GORUCK Jedburgh events Until recently the GORUCK Facebook page allowed users to view past events. Since that changed tracking down event dates and the associated Facebook pages is a little more difficult. Here is what I've gathered about past and future GORUCK Jedburgh events.
August 15, 2014. Poolesville, MD (001) Facebook page
March 6, 2015. San Francisco, CA (Custom, 002?) Facebook page
April 11, 2015. TX (003) Could not find an associated Facebook page Patch
May 2, 2015. Burnet, TX (004) Facebook page Pictures Patches same as Jed 003. Stitched by Combat Swag LLC
June 20, 2015. Poolesville, MD (005) Facebook page Pictures Patch Designed by Nathaniel Wagstaff and stitched by The Studio
August 15, 2015. SoCal? (Custom, 006?) Could not find an associated Facebook page Reference Reference #2 Shaddw Patch
September 19, 2015. Poolesville, MD (007) Facebook page AAR Class Patch and 007 Patch both spearheaded by Paul Marshall
March 12, 2016. Burnett, TX (008) Facebook page Class Patch Pictures 1 Pictures 2
April 16, 2016. Fayetteville, NC (009) Facebook page Pictures
May 21, 2016. Gore, VA. (010) Facebook page Class Patch
July 9, 2016. Lake Tahoe, CA (011) Facebook page
September 17, 2016. Gore, VA. (012) Facebook page
October 14, 2016. Fayetteville, NC. (013) 48 Hours. This specific event is for Jedburgh and Trek Alumni only. Facebook page
Fitness Requirements There is no PT test. While there will be some rucking it has been described as a walk from point A to point B rather than a timed movement. Still, past participants have recommended that individuals train for, and arrive in shape for a GORUCK Heavy. ADR GORUCK training advice
Past participants can join the Jedburgh Alums Facebook Group
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2012.09.11 09:12 tdm911 [RACE THREAD] Tour of Britain - Stage 3

The Tour returns to the Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway for the second year in succession, thanks to support from EventScotland, who are proud to support a number of high-profile cycling events in Scotland every year, on and off road!
Race Information .
Date 11th September 2012 Location Jedburgh to Dumfries, Scotland
Coverage starts at 14:30 CEST Stage Length 152.6km
Website Twitter Facebook Entire Route
Today's Route Today's Profile Start List Race Manual
Online Streams:
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